Sunday Sales Blast 3/20/16

Back from the land below to Down Under!

I have completed my travels in the caravan in New Zealand and it was fantastic.

My daughter Nikki and I covered the north part of the North Island from Auckland and above. We rented a caravan and spent each night in a campground. The idea of a campground in NZ is very different from the US. As you know I own a Airstream camper and hit the road in the US quite a bit. New Zealand takes it to a different level. Just check these picture of the washroom facilities at a few of them. Some were as nice as a 4 star hotel.

These photos show what a typical washroom looks like in a $25.00 per night campground. The kitchen are just as nice. The washrooms were designed so they could be easily cleaned (more than once) each day. The camping experience is the way to see the country and get to meet the local people (it is also cheaper than a hotel). 

I hope with the resurgence of RV'ing in the US ours campgrounds and facilities will get to the level we saw on our trip.

Episode 005 | Scott Jarden’s Story

I was recently interviewed by Allen Wixs and his show Distribution Spotlight. I guess I am getting to be a senior statesman.

About the Show - The distribution channel for the sanitary supply industry is filled with industrious, innovative people with tons of knowledge, experience and insights. Distribution Spotlight features leaders, innovators and other interesting people from the industry that share their own personal stories and experiences with you.
Here is the link to listen to my interview and others.

I know there is basketball but for those of you that read the SSB know I like watching golf on Sundays as I get my stuff organized for the coming week. This Sunday is the Arnold Palmer Invitational!

Have a great day and an even better sales week!