Sunday Sales Blast 12/20/15

What am I going to do now?

Two weeks ago I wrote about people asking me what I do for a living. Last Friday my daughter graduated from Virginia Tech with a business degree (very proud as you can see). She was asked what is she going to do next and what type of job will she be looking for. With Bullen being a family business the standard question was are you going to work with your brother and father. Her answer was not a surprise, she was not that interested in the cleaning industry. We are not a glamorous, hi tech industry that kids graduating from college think about but as someone pointed out "people will always need cleaning products". This kind of hit home for me that we need to figure a way to get the message across to upcoming young adults that our industry is one that is stable, needed by many people and a place where you can make a very good living. 

PS: I didn't want to work in the family business either until that day came that I realized it could be hi tech and it wasn't all about soap and cleaning.... and I could support my active lifestyle by as my good friend Jerry Mitchell likes to say "help keep America clean"

Thats it for 2015 and the Sunday Sales Blast. We will return on January 3rd, 2016. Have a great holiday and a Happy New Year!

****Don’t forget our holiday production schedule. As in past years we close our plant between Christmas and New Years to do equipment improvements, clean up and take inventory. We close 12/23/15 and reopen 1/4/16. The deadline for private brand orders is 12/11/15 and 12/21/15 for stock branded orders.****

Have a great day and an even better sales week!


Scott Jarden