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Sunday Sales Blast

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Wi-Fi, A.T.M.s and Turbo-Flush Toilets Highlight China’s New Public Restrooms

Li Wen had heard about the turbo-strength flush power and the lily-scented soap. He knew about the stalls equipped with personal television screens and wireless Internet access, the soothing cello soundtrack and the windows lined with aloe vera plants.
But Mr. Li, 39, a salesman, was skeptical when he set foot in the new public toilet at the corner of Fuqian Square in Fangshan, a district in southwest Beijing.

“What was wrong with the old one?” he said. “The government has too much money and doesn’t know how to spend it.”

As the government seeks to improve sanitation and reduce environmental waste across the country, it is planning a major overhaul of public toilets. Over the next three years, it will build or renovate 57,000 restrooms, including some that will resemble the high-tech facility in Fangshan, the first of its kind in China.

Some residents worry that the popularity of the new toilet and the presence of television screens and Wi-Fi will encourage guests to linger too long.

On a recent day, Li Peiling, 39, a dental assistant, grew restless after waiting five minutes for a stall. She began to shout at the row of closed doors.

“Time’s up!” she said. “Some of us need to get to work!”

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It is 2016, make this year the one you BYOB!

Bullen has been helping distributors, entrepreneurs, even chefs Be Their Own Brand for decades. We have helped them create brand new products, brands for their existing products, new system for cleaning that have never been thought of our used before and much more.

We break it down into 4 easy steps:

    1. Problems
    2. Solutions
    3. Outcomes
    4. Commitment

Lets review each of those and how it relates to BYOB and your business.

1. Problems- What are your current and future problems as a distributor or a business? Maybe it is ever shrinking margins or competition from outside of JanSan industry.
2. Solutions- Creating and selling your own brand can help manage the issues and Problems with your business.
3. Outcome- By creating and spending time selling your own brand you can control your market better and the influences you listed as Problems
4. Commitment- By committing to BYOB you can make the problems better and under your control, complete the solutions and achieve the outcome your want to need to solve the problems.

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I almost forgot- the Eagles stink but they fired the coach so we have something new to look forward to next season!

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden