Sunday Sales Blast 2/28/16


Here are three from this great website that Jack Collins found:

1. Don’t Fear The Fear

Contrary to what you may have been told as a child, being scared can be a good thing. It shows that you care, and it keeps you motivated. Whether it’s flutters before an important pitch or that constant shadow reminding you of the significance of every move you make, feeling the fear is a good thing. Those who use fear to keep themselves motivated can often perform much better than when they are too relaxed. So, while you don’t need to scare yourself beyond function, it’s always helpful to stay on your toes.

2. The Classic: Stay Positive
Though seemingly obvious, the effects of staying positive in a sales job can be profound. When successful, life is easy. However, the true test comes when having to bounce back after things don’t quite go the way you expect. Some things are often easier said than done, so remaining optimistic in more challenging situations is an important trait to hold onto, especially when the opposite can have a negative effect on your daily responsibilities – which can start a cycle that you most definitely don’t want to get stuck in.

3. Persevere. No Matter What
No one has perseverance hardwired into their psyche. Though some have to work harder than others to keep the fire roaring. Knowing how to get back up after falling down is an essential part of working in sales – however high you fall from. The difference between giving up and pushing yourself further after initial failure can make or break you as a successful salesperson.

Janitorial Supply Distributor Sales Top $24 Billion in 2014

The “Report on 2014 Sanitary Supply Distributor Sales” was designed, prepared and conducted by the Research Department of Trade Press Media Group Inc., publisher of Sanitary Maintenance, in conjunction with ISSA. Its primary purpose was to gather information on distributor sales of chemicals, janitorial supplies, paper/plastic products and power equipment in the United States and Canada.  

Some Highlights From this study:
•Distributor sales now total $24.6 billion.
•The majority of distributors sell locally (within a 60 mile radius).
•Education, Health Care and Contract Cleaners are the largest market segments.
•Paper/Plastics are the leading product
category by sales volume.
•Towels, Facial Tissue, Toilet Tissue continues to be
the product category that sold the most by dollar volume.

I know the info is from 2014 but where do you stand compared to those stats?

See more at:

More golf today, watch the Honda Classic or get outside, it going to be 55 here in Folcroft, Pa. 20 Days till spring!

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden