Sunday Sales Blast 4/3/16

Are your Customers and Propects saying “WOW!”  ??

When was the last time you had a customer say “that’s amazing” or “WOW” on a sales call?    
Getting customers to say “wow” is the easiest way to get an order, and getting them to say “wow” is even easier than that!   The secret:  DEMO YOUR PRODUCT.

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More Jan/san Distributors Are Turning To Vendor Managed Inventory 

Imagine if an end user never needed to count its inventory. Instead, the end user’s distributor performed the count and constantly maintained the product supply according to previously agreed-upon numbers. 

The customer wouldn’t need to place emergency phone calls requesting additional products, and the distributor wouldn’t worry about competitors stealing away business. That sounds like a lifelong customer, right? 

With competition coming for companies like Amazon with their dash buttons and no effort reordering vendor managed inventory would be a great defense for the Jan/San distributors.

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No golf this week as we approach the Masters coming next.

Great basketball last night with Nova winning (by a record amount!) and making it into the final. Lets wish the
local Philly team luck in the big game.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden