Sunday Sales Blast 6/19/16

Happy Fathers Day!

Chemical Mixing Mishap- Pass on to others!

Reprinted from cleanlink-

Last week, my wife decided to deep clean our bathroom before some guests came for the weekend. She first cleaned the tub/shower with a standard commercial shower cleaner. Then she decided to follow that up with a wash of diluted bleach. (Before you ask, no, this is not a story about me in which I change the names and blame chemical the mishap on my wonderful wife!)

I knew she was cleaning the bathroom, but I was unaware that any chemical mixing was to take place. I was elsewhere in the house when she then mentioned she felt a tingling sensation in her throat. Once she told me what she had done, I informed her that she had inadvertently created chlorine gas, a lethal chemical weapon used in World War I. I immediately ventilated the area. And, just for good measure, I called poison control. 

We were both fine, as was our dog, but my wife was astonished that what she thought of as common household chemicals could be used to create poisonous gas.

These Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses Will Seriously Blow Your Mind

Every year, holds a contest to see who among their readers can make the most fabulous wedding dress out of that most common of common household items, toilet paper. The winner receives a prize of $10,000 cash, provided by Charmin, with the first and second runners up receiving prizes of $5000 and $2500 respectively.


We have some exciting golf today at the US Open with some big names and not so big competing on the final day. Sit back and relax what ever you do today.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden