Sunday Sales Blast 6/26/15

Welcome Summer!

Hot weather brings problems and opportunities.

Reprinted from our own Jack Collins Blog post-


Odor control in outdoor areas is an often overlooked area even when it’s blowing right in your face!   Most outdoor odor problems are created by decaying food or beverage waste left inside dumpsters from broken trash liners.  When temps get above 50 degrees bacteria is then able to multiply and become active again, creating odors, attracting insects and even rodents to the areas surrounding dumpsters, compactors, and trash containers.    Hot weather enhances the effects and worsens the problems.   

The attitude is often “the odor will dissipate over time”, “it’s only bad when the wind blows towards the building”, or “it’s too tough a problem to deal with”.   These problems should not be ignored or avoided.   Nasty, stinky odors beyond being aesthetically displeasing, also are potential health hazards as they attract disease spreading and biting insects and rodents.   Any facility or institution dealing with the public should be concerned about bad odors from waste storage.

Like anything worth doing the solution is easy if you commit to the solution with a comprehensive program.  
Take these 3 steps:
•    Clean, Degrease, and Deodorize the Dumpsters, Containers, and surrounding areas.
•    Constant odor control program / products.
•    Interval cleaning and deodorizing depending on need.

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Alex and I completed our second triathlon yesterday (the Islandman in Avalon, NJ). Glad to say I finished well but not as good as Alex.

Have a great Sunday, I will be relaxing a bit.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden