Sunday Sales Blast 7/24/16

Make your ISSA Show plans now
We were making our hotel reservations and everything looks pretty booked up so if you haven't done yours yet I would get on it.

Speaking of ISSA we have entered our new Perfect-02 Multi Purpose Cleaner with peroxide in the Innovation Awards under cleaning agents. Bullen has a lot of history with the Innovation Award. We won in 2005 for our podcast (yes we were early to that format) We still do shows but for a few years there we were doing one every week with 100,000's of downloads. You can listen to them via iTunes or on the web page at:

The Main Republican Convention Stage Apparently Smells Like Rotten Bananas and Mildew

There was a foul odor emanating from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and folks—it isn’t the party platform. This morning, just before the start of the convention, a police officer conversed with a dispatcher about the distinct smell of “rotten bananas and mildew” wafting out of the arena’s banjo-shaped stage. That back-and-forth, broadcast via police scanner, is captured above.

All New York-based reporters forced to suffer the indignity of this gut-wrenching stench are recommended to return to the city, where the mountains of trash bags fermenting in 90-degree heat have given our streets the pleasing smell of a homely candle shop.

They should have used Airx.

Bullen had its company outing this Friday and it was a great day to be in the lazy river at the waterpark (93 F). Bullen employees and their family had unlimited rides and use of three piers all day and night (until they close). If was a great time for everyone.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden