Sunday Sales Blast 8/7/16

We are taking a vacation this week from the SSB. Here is a past one from Earth Day week.

Reflecting on Earth Day and "what is green"

How things have changed in the certification business

Bullen is in the process of getting our new product Perfect-02 through the final approval by EPA DfE.  Since it was Earth Day and "green" approval is connected with that I thought it would be good to talk about the process and how it differs from the landscape we saw a few years ago for this weeks SSB.

Green Seal had its all tied up

It was not long ago that Green Seal had the lock on what we would call "Green" certification. Now we have three choices of dominant certifications authorities, Green Seal, Eco Logo now owned by UL and EPA DfE. Green Seal came out of the gates as the leader but had issues because of their process costs and the time it takes for approval. Eco-Logo which started in Canada has different different processes and approvals and while it's done well it's come down to Green Seal and EPA DfE as the dominant cert brands. From manufactures standpoint  EPA DfE is the easiest to work with utilizing the Cleangredients list for raw materials making the formula approval process quick. While EPA DFE is starting to get into packaging requirements that has been more of the Green Seals coverage than EPA DFE. 

Safer Choice picked by Walmart and others in the consumer market

EPA DFE and their new Safer Choice branding for the program means it will have a place for a long time in the consumer product arena and continue to see good backing in the industrial/institutional segment.

BYOB your line "Green Certified" with Safer Choice

The benefit of the Safer Choice program is they make it very easy to private brand any of our approved products (over 25 now) under your brand (BYOB).

Bullen picked Safer Choice in the beginning and has the majority of our E-Clean products certified with them. We have selected items under Green Seal to cover states that do not currently accept other certifications.

Click here to learn more about Bullen's BYOB program

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden