Sunday Sales Blast 10/22/17

California becomes the first state to require broad disclosure of chemicals in cleaning products

Any hazardous chemicals found in household cleaning products will have to be clearly disclosed on labels and online under a California law that will be phased in over the next three years.

The law, signed Sunday by Gov. Jerry Brown, is poised to put the state at the front of a national discussion about the rights of consumers to know what dangerous chemicals or allergens may be in common cleaners. The ingredients must be posted online by manufacturers in 2020, and on product labels by 2021.

"People around the country and especially Californians are demanding more disclosure about the chemicals in products we use," said state Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens), the bill's author, in a written statement. "The science is clear, and we have seen the data about how cleaning product chemicals affect parents, children, people with pre-existing conditions, and workers who use these products all day, every day."

Since this California is requiring this info it will mean if you sell in there all of your products no matter where they are sold will have it. Bullen would like to see a standard label format for this disclosure. Something like the calorie, fat, and protein panel that is on all food packaging now. What do you think?

5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Every Brand Should Avoid
The world is shrinking faster than we can imagine with rapidly increasing interconnectivity all across the globe. And at the epicenter of this phenomenal change are digital technologies and their growing role in our day-to-day lives. The internet is offering marketers the perfect opportunity to reach out to their customers and influence their decisions, but the only way to pull off this feat is by leaving no scope for mistakes in your digital marketing strategy. Here are some of the more common digital marketing mistakes that marketers make it a point to avoid while reaching out to their customers:

1. Ignoring emails… and the fact that they still work
Emails have gradually lost their shine with the emergence of social media avenues. But a fact that every seasoned marketer is well-versed with is that they deliver favorable results and are here to remain. The efficacy of your marketing strategy can be enhanced by utilizing this hidden power of email marketing. It can be done by creating and rendering high-impact kinetic emails while providing an omnichannel experience to the end-user. Marketers must also leverage interactive media, Big Data personalization, and automation while opting for email marketing.
2. Underestimating the relevance of mobile
The wheel of marketing is spinning on the increasing adoption of mobile phones. Mobile phones now comprise 65% of total digital media consumption and are coming to the forefront more strongly with increasing smartphone penetration and internet adoption. Irrespective of your preferred channel, mobile must reflect strongly in your short-term and long-term marketing strategy.

Do you have a policy for monitoring and answering emails in a timely manner? Is your website responsive? A responsive website automatically adjusts it format to match the device that it is viewed on. All of Bullen's site are 100% responsive, is yours?

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