Sunday Sales Blast 11/12/17

ISSA Refutes RAI Amsterdam’s Termination of Alliance

ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, unambiguously rejects RAI Amsterdam (RAI)’s claim that the long-standing alliance between ISSA and its “INTERCLEAN” trade show partner, RAI, is terminated.

On Friday, November 3, 2017, RAI submitted a letter to ISSA indicating its desire to terminate the agreement between ISSA and RAI and immediately began contacting ISSA members, exhibitors, council members, and other organizations announcing the termination. Subsequently, a series of communications went out that also demanded that ISSA members work directly with RAI to book their trade show booths for the Amsterdam ISSA/INTERCLEAN show.

ISSA unequivocally denies that the alliance is terminated.
“This behavior is unacceptable,” says ISSA Executive Director John Barrett. “I want to stress to our valued members, peers, and stakeholders that these allegations regarding ISSA’s partnership and global family of ISSA/INTERCLEAN exhibitions are not only unprofessional but absolutely untrue. We do not in any way support RAI’s unilateral departure from its obligations or its decision to communicate directly to members of the association with misinformation.”

Bullen has exhibited at the "ISSA Interclean" show before the ISSA was added. It has been over 25 years that the two organizations have been working together. We will be there again this spring to meet and serve our international customers.

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Scott Jarden