Sunday Sales Blast 11/26/17

What a difference a good bathroom and kitchen makes, #2

SSB is on vacation this week so brought back a post from last year that we made while traveling.

We are back after 2 weeks driving around south of Auckland on the north island of New Zealand. NZ is a great place with a view of life a little different than the USA. They have big cities like Auckland and others but once you are 20 minutes out of town things slow down and get casual (in my mind). If you want some tips on taking a trip to NZ drop us an email.

Being in the cleaning industry we were always noticing bathrooms and what is on the maids carts. Here are a few of the bathrooms that we saw in the second week of our trip:


Haven't seen this type of urnial in years, all stainless.


Drip units were pretty common, hardly ever seen in the US.

The take away from this is something every business can learn from. You need to promote a clean and welcome facility that people won't recall the bathrooms as the high or low point of the customer's experience.

Here is the closing thought on the trip:

They call sandals, jandals!


Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden