Sunday Sales Blast 12/24/17


If you were adventurous enough to cut down your own pine tree for Christmas, you likely want it to last as long as possible. Your hard effort doesn’t have to go to waste as soon as December 25 rolls around – there are a few ways you can keep your pine looking fresh and healthy through the beginning of the New Year.
1. Trim the trunk
As soon as you get your tree home, make a fresh one-inch cut off the end of its trunk. By doing so, you’ll remove any dried-on resin that may be preventing the tree from absorbing as much water as possible.
2. Keep it away from heat
Try to place the tree away from radiators, fireplaces, and other sources of heat. Doing so may dry out your tree sooner than you would like.
3. Make sure it’s adequately watered
Ideally, the water level should always be above the base of the trunk. Again, this will prevent resin from drying up at the bottom of the tree and blocking it from absorbing water. The general rule of thumb is that the average tree absorbs a quarter of water for each inch of its diameter.
Many people swear by using additives in their tree’s water, such as baby aspirin or bleach. While there is little scientific proof that this works to keep trees fresh, there’s no harm in sticking with your family’s tradition!

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That's all for now, get back to the family and have a great holiday!

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Scott Jarden