Sunday Sales Blast 11/13/16

One last reminder from the ISSA show

We got a email from the ISSA this week with a copy of the interview I did with them on our entry for the 2016 Innovation Award. It is a nice fast way to see what makes Perfect-02 different and better than other peroxide products on the market.

Click here watch the new video

Dirty Secrets You Should Know About Hotel Beds

Inside Edition conducted their own undercover investigation into the sanitary – or unsanitary – bed prepping habits of nine hotel chains. Are your sheets really clean? To kick off their strategy, they had one individual check into the room for the night. With washable blacklight reactive spray paint, the team used a stencil to invisibly mark the bed sheets. The next morning before checkout, the bed was staged to look like it had been slept in, an indication to the housekeeping staff to change the sheets. On the following day, a new individual was sent in to check in under a different name, but for the same exact room. At the front desk, the clerk happily stated the room was made brand new for this new guest. The UV light revealed the stenciling was still etched into the sheets. They hadn’t been changed! Gross!

When the manager was confronted, she stated that their policy and expectation is for them to be changed. Wondering if it was a mistake or an industry practice, the same test was performed at a different hotel chain, with the same result. The stencil had clearly marked the spot to show the sheets were also unchanged.

For more of the details check this link, it will make you think about staying in a hotel the next time you travel.

Sealed Air Corporation and SC Johnson & Son to End Existing Brand License Agreement

Oct 17 16
Sealed Air Corporation and SC Johnson & Son (SCJ) announced that they have reached a mutual agreement to end the existing business relating to Sealed Air’s distribution of SCJ branded products to the professional market under the existing Brand License Agreement. The parties agreed that the BLA will expire on May 2, 2017, with the exception of Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Czech Republic and Poland, where the BLA will expire on January 1, 2017. Both parties are committed to maintaining a continuous supply of SCJ branded products to customers under the BLA.

All the more reason to BYOB or Be Your Own Brand.

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Scott Jarden