Sunday Sales Blast 11/20/16

School Janitor Vacuums Artistic Designs Into Rugs as Daily Surprise for Kids

Ron Munsey is the definition of someone who whistles while they work.
As the nighttime custodian at Peter Woodbury School in Bedford, New Hampshire, he makes his jovial presence known by surprising the students each day with creative designs vacuumed into the classroom carpets.

“Ron is new to the school,” Angie Perron Wyand, a first-grade teacher whose students are delighted by Munsey's handiwork, told ABC News. “Before this year he worked as a beverage distributor so he was working 60 or 70 hours a week and now he’s working like 40 hours a week so I feel like that’s something’s he’s really enjoying.

She added: "He’s obviously putting his time and creativity into something you’d think was a simple job but he’s taking it to the next level. He’s always very helpful. If you need something he’ll get it for you right away. He cleans the rooms really well. He’s just goes above and beyond each night.”

Super Slippery Coatings Are Good for Way More Than Ketchup Bottles

WHO AMONG US can deny the satisfying whoosh of ketchup coming clean out of a bottle? You might remember the ketchup video that lit up the Internet a couple years ago: an anonymous hand tipping a glass bottle of ketchup, which slid out with nary a streak of red. It was magic.
OK, fine. It was physics. And the physics of slippery surfaces could be far more revolutionary than a trick for saving a few ounces of condiment. Sticky stuff sticking to surfaces is a fact of life: Plates and utensils get crusted with food and someone has to wash them each and every time. But in a world of super slippery coatings, the very concept of “cleaning” goes away.

I imagine what this could do for the cleaning industry? Coating on the floor that would prevent or minimize dirt adhering or sticking. To read the whole article:

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