Sunday Sales Blast 1/15/17


Reprint fromMarch 31, 2016

When was the last time you had a customer say “that’s amazing” or “WOW” on a sales call?    

Getting customers to say “wow” is the easiest way to get an order, and getting them to say “wow” is even easier than that!   The secret:  DEMO YOUR PRODUCT.   

If you aren’t showing the performance advantages of your products or showing graphically how they will impact the customer, then you aren’t doing your job a salesperson.   Your job is to get customers to say “Wow!”.   This has been the month of the product demo for me due to the number of demo’s I have done and the impact of these demo’s on generating new business.  With 2 new products on the market and product lines (AirX, TrueKleen, Clausen, etc.) , where we can easily demonstrate product benefits and performance, the need to demonstrate product performance, doing effective product demo’s has been a key and necessity to help drive new business.   

It’s also amazing how many times in the past month distribution senior management has said to me during one of my product demos: “Gee, this is cool, because nobody does demos anymore”.   The lesson here is, if you do demo’s, you will immediately differentiate yourself from your competition, because obviously my competition aren’t doing any demos if I get comments like that!

A demo speeds up the sales process, because you can get customer acceptance right away.  No waiting for an evaluation over a week or more.  Show that the product works and will do as promoted and get an order!  

If you want to impress and stand out to your customers, do product demos, but follow these guidelines before doing any demo:

  • Prepare & practice:  Be confident you can do the demo and know the product’s capabilities before you demo the products in front of a customer.
  • When possible have all key influencers to a buying decision participate and view your demo, particularly those who will be using the products every day.
  • Product demos should show product advantages and show superior performance compared to the competition or the customer’s current process.
  • Have all the “stuff” needed to perform the demo with you.  Yes, I even keep a bottle of water and some paper towels with me for demo’s, just in case they aren’t readily available at my customer.
  • Demos should be short and be capable of showing a significantly demonstrable improvement over a previous condition, such as removing an old stain, or making the garbage room smell better, or remove the grease is faster without leaving residue, etc..
  • Before you perform the product demo ask about the customers expectations on product performance, and be assured you can meet their expectations with the demonstration.
  • If you get a “WOW!”…   ASK FOR AN ORDER!

Demonstrations are fun!   When done correctly you get immediate feedback from customers about your product and it’s always great to see how well our products work to solve tough problems.   

Stand out from your competition!  …Because, they aren’t doing product demonstrations, and it’s obvious based on the comments I have received the past couple of months, how much customers appreciate the extra effort.

The Bullen Companies has many products you can get a Wow! from your customers during a demo.  Contact your Bullen representatives today for information on great product demos, or to order product samples for demos.

Jack Collins, The Bullen Companies

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden