Sunday Sales Blast 12/18/16


CDC recently issued its formal recommendation that healthcare officials implement strict Standard and Contact Precautions to control the spread of Candida auris.   These recommendations include the thorough daily and after-discharge cleaning and disinfecting of rooms of C. auris patients using EPA registered hospital disinfectants active against fungi. 

In addition, EPA, the agency responsible for regulating hospital disinfectants and other antimicrobial pesticides, recommends using hospital disinfectant products with fungal claims.

The Bullen products with a fungicidal claims are:
Septic 420, Kleen 64, Poten AB, RX75, RX44 ACE, RX44 HDQ, RX44 EBO, RX78, RX109, RX109 EBO

For more information, please see the Q & A from CDC posted at:

What are you going to do different in 2017?

Why not sell you own brand in 2017? Bullen introduced BYOB (Be Your Own Brand) in 2015. While private branding isn't anything new the way Bullen does it is. We break down our process into four components:

  1. Problems - What are your current/future problems as a marketer or distributor of cleaning chemicals and systems?
  2. Solutions - Learn how we guide you through the process of creating your own chemical brand that offers tangible solutions to your marketing problems.
  3. Outcome - Re-allocating your sales and marketing resources to promote your own chemical brand, puts you in greater control of higher profit margins and brand loyalty. 
  4. Commitment - By making the commitment to BYOB, you are taking charge of establishing a sales culture that showcases the real value your company provides to the customer.

To learn more about BYOB click this link:

Don't forget our holiday closing. The Sunday Sales Blast will be taking off next week to celebrate Christmas with the family but will be back January 8th.

****Don’t forget our holiday production schedule. As in past years we close our plant between Christmas and New Years to do equipment improvements, clean up and take inventory. We close 12/22/16 and reopen 1/3/17. The deadline for private brand orders is 12/12/16 and 12/19/16 for stock branded orders.****

Have a great day and an even better sales week!