Sunday Sales Blast 2/12/17

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Do You Smell Like a Locker Room?
Ask Your Smartphone

From buttery bouquet to aroma of middle-aged man, device aims to dispel anxieties over unwelcome body odors

Japanese copier maker Konica Minolta Inc. plans to bring out a hand-held device called KunKun—“sniff, sniff” in Japanese—that purports to detect body odors, including those thought to characterize middle-aged men.
“It’s difficult to recognize your own smell,” said Daisuke Koda, 42 years old, who helped to develop the device, small enough to fit in a coat pocket, that connects to a smartphone application. “We can give relief by telling people how smelly they are and freeing them from the anxiety of not knowing.”

The company says the device can detect chemicals linked to three types of body odor. One odor type is the sweaty locker-room smell, which the device aims to detect through sensors for ammonia and isovaleric acid. The device also senses 2-nonenal, a chemical structurally related to formaldehyde with an “unpleasant greasy and grassy odor,” according to scientists at cosmetics company Shiseido Co. who say it is associated with aging.

Our comment on this technology is imagine how this could be used in the food processing industry or facility management since it potentially gives a statistical way of monitoring odors. You could have a bit that is programed to smell for foul odors from bad meat or organic smells in bathrooms to allow for a pass/fail record that is done by your nose now.

‘Greenwashing’ Costing Walmart $1 Million

Walmart has agreed to pay $1 million to settle greenwashing claims that allege the nation’s largest retailer sold plastic products that were misleadingly labeled “biodegradable” or “compostable” in violation of California law.

“Unfortunately, Californians concerned with reducing plastic waste in landfills are commonly misled to purchase plastic bags and other plastic products based on marketers’ unsubstantiated claims of biodegradability,” said Alameda county district attorney Nancy O’Malley, “but almost nothing breaks down in a landfill. That’s why the sale of plastic products labeled ‘biodegradable’ is illegal in California and why today’s settlement is a win for both consumers and the environment.”

The judgment prohibits Walmart from selling plastic products labeled “biodegradable” or with other terms implying the product will break down in a landfill or other environment. It also prohibits Walmart from selling plastic products labeled “compostable” unless a scientific certification supports the claim.

Lesson learned is don't make claims you can't back up!

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