Sunday Sales Blast 4/9/17

Bullen's new descriptor announced

The Bullen Companies would like to announce the change of our company descriptor to “Craft Blenders of Specialty Cleaning Products”. This new descriptor better informs new and existing customers of what Bullen’s position is in the marketplace.

Scott Jarden, Bullen’s president, says “Bullen has always been know for its ability to produce unique specialty cleaning products as shown in it is core brands; Airx, Clausen, One Up, Truekleen and others. Most people today associated the term ‘craft' with top quality products, whether that be beer or cleaning chemicals. Bullen, as a craft blender, can offer it's customers unique, cost effective products under it's brands or private branding. Our BYOB or Be Your Own Brand program is unique in our industry.”

What is in a name?

SCA to become two listed companies: the forest products company SCA and the hygiene and health company Essity

Essity stems from the words ‘essentials’ and ‘necessities’, a fitting name for the products the new hygiene and health company offers – everyday necessities. Essity’s vision is; dedicated to improving well-being through leading hygiene and health solutions.

Do you have a brand that reflects your business? BYOB (Be Your Own Brand)


Great golf today from the Masters.

 Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden