Sunday Sales Blast 3/19/17

What a difference a good bathroom and kitchen makes, #2

We are back after 2 weeks driving around south of Auckland on the north island of New Zealand. Before I talk about the bathrooms we found it most interesting the hear the questions concerning our new president. Most were people wondering if we voted for Trump and the we told them they opened up a bit (we did not voted for Trump).  I don't want to be political but it was very interesting to see the difference in opinion. Most people were very, very surprised that he has elected and not sure what to think will happen now in the future.

Here is a few of the bathrooms that we saw in the second week of our trip:

Haven't seen this type of urinal in years, all stainless.

Drip units were pretty common, hardly ever seen not in the US.

The take away from this is something ever business can learn from. You need to promote a clean and welcome facility that people won't recall the bathrooms as the high or low point of the customers experience.

Here is the closing thought on the trip:

They call sandals, jandals!


Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden