Sunday Sales Blast 4/23/17

Spring is definitely here, what have you cleaned lately?

Now is the time to talk to customers about spring cleaning products, equipment and other related items. Put together a flyer, email or sales plan to talk to customers about things like getting new entrance mats, floor finish to repair damaged floors, new equipment and other items to make the spring cleaning easier and more cost efficient.

Is it Healthier to Remove Your Shoes at Home?

It’s considered polite in some households, but are there more practical reasons for going shoeless inside?

Removing one’s shoes when entering a home isn’t as commonplace in the U.S. as in some other countries. While going shoeless is considered polite for guests in Japan or Finland, hosts in the States risk catching visitors by surprise with the request.

But it turns out taking your shoes off indoors isn’t just good manners. It’s good hygiene, too.

Shoes are a menagerie of microorganisms, sometimes carrying dangerous bacteria, says Kevin W. Garey, chairman of the department of pharmacy practice and translational research at the University of Houston. Bacteria can be very hardy—hanging around in some cases for years—but so are most people.

People run little risk of falling ill because of germs clinging to their shoes unless they already suffer from an underlying condition that makes them vulnerable. The elderly and the young are also more susceptible.

But avoiding pathogenic bacteria that can cause illnesses from diarrhea to meningitis is easy, Dr. Garey says. Just take your shoes off. “It’s amazing how far humans travel during the day, and all that walking drags in germs and bugs,” he says.

Not sure how we make that work at the office but good info.


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