Sunday Sales Blast 3/12/17

What a difference a good bathroom and kitchen makes!

We are traveling again this year in New Zealand and like other posts from abroad I have taken some shots of the difference between a bad bathroom and a good one. One would make me want to come back and the other would make me never come back and actually tell people to not even consider staying at this place.

We are traveling in a 26 foot self contained RV. We have a kitchen and bathroom but doing "camping" down here you pay a nominal fee for electric hook up and expect a nice shower and bathroom and even a communal kitchen. Most places have excellent bathrooms and kitchen facilities to attract customer to stay and come back, some do not. We have the same in the US but with the advent of $300,000 "John Madden style" coaches the RV campgrounds don't even bother keeping their bathrooms clean since people ever leave their RV's.

Here is the difference between good and bad:

The take away from this is something ever business can learn from. You need to promote a clean and welcome facility that people won't recall the bathrooms as the high or low point of the customers experience.

Stay tuned for more from the road next week.


Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden