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5 Nightly Rituals of the Most Successful People

If you don't do these things before bed, you won't wake up ready for success.

Achieving great accomplishments on a regular basis requires that you build a set of habits around the things that make you successful. When you distill the success of elite entrepreneurs, or any elite performer for that matter, you realize just how much they rely on their habits for their success.

The evening is one of the best times to create habits that yield sustainable success. More specifically, the things you do before bed will have a direct impact on your next day. If you want to win the day, you need to win the night before.

1. Plan your day

This is obvious, yet crucial. You should have a good idea of what your next day looks like before you turn off the lights. Take the time to schedule and optimize your day, isolating the most important objectives so you can ensure they get done.

2. Pick out your clothes

There's a reason successful people wear the same things every day. The goal is to reduce the cognitive energy required to make a decision about your clothes. While you may not want to wear a hoodie every day, it still helps to set aside your wardrobe the night before.

3. Go to bed at the same time

Make a point of going to sleep and waking up at the same time each day. This helps you set a rhythm your body will naturally follow that helps you get to sleep more quickly and feel more rested when you wake up. 

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The Science of a Ripe Watermelon

Can you really tell if a watermelon is ripe by tapping it? A physicist explains

The tapping test depends on the fact that no solid object is perfectly rigid. They all have some elasticity (with limits, as anyone who has ever dropped a glass knows), and that means if you tap them, they will deform ever so slightly. But they rapidly spring back, overshoot and become a new deformed shape—and so you’ve started an oscillation.

The first test for watermelon quality is whether it has an unwanted air gap inside it. When you tap on a nice, clean shape like a mug, what you hear is close to a pure note—the structure is symmetrical, and it rings like a bell. The same is true for watermelons. If you get a note with an identifiable pitch, the fruit is probably solid all the way through. A dull thud indicates that it’s asymmetrical on the inside, and best avoided.

The next question is ripeness. As watermelons ripen, their flesh becomes more dense but less elastic, and the combination means that a riper watermelon will ring with a lower note.

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