Sunday Sales Blast 7/23/17

Email Is Great But Face-to-Face Meetings Are 34 Times More Successful.

If your goal is to communicate, talking is a lot better than typing.

We have all of the advances in communication technology -- Skype, FaceTime, Slack. etc. Yet, nothing beats a good, old fashioned email. It’s quick, easy-to-use and, best of all, it's free.

Email remains one of the most effective and important marketing channels for brands. It’s even popular among millennials since they don’t enjoy talking to people on the phone. I love email but recent research has found that it may not as persuasive as talking to someone face-to-face.

The research was reported in Harvard Business Review and published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. It suggests the success of a face to face is due to the lack of personal connection we experience today. The lack of actual one-on-one connection to someone can ultimately cost us what we really want.

1. Nonverbal cues.

Body language is extremely important when it comes to communication. It’s not how you said something, but also your facial expressions and body posture. All of these cues are lost in emails.

In fact, around 93 percent of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues. And, that’s not limited to strangers. Studies have have found that even you closest friends can’t interpret your emotions in emails.

2. Authentic, trust building experience.

All people, even millennials, still demand intimate and face-to-face encounters to build a more authentic and trustworthy relationship. At some point we should communicate with other people through a webcam, FaceTime, or conference tools like GoToMeeting.

3. More efficient. 

Face-to-face meetings are usually shorter than conference calls. That’s probably because when on the phone everyone sits there quietly with their phones on mute until the discussion is over. I’ve been guilty of this numerous times.

The takeaway.

Make face-to-face communication a priority whether it’s meeting a prospective client for the first time or scheduling semi-regular meetings with your team.

If you can’t do so in person, then at least use your webcam or apps like Skype. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s going to be more effective than only email communication - especially when you have a request. According to Bohns:

“If your office runs on email and text-based communication, it's worth considering whether you could be a more effective communicator by having conversations in person.

For the complete list here is the link:


Wildwood fun for the whole company!

Winner of the craziest hat! He was really into the award.

Friday the 21st we had the Bullen Company outing, another perfect day and a great group attending. Bullen has held a company outing each summer to Wildwood for the last 20 years. For those of you that don't know Wildwood it is like a mix of Coney Island, DisneyLand and the Philly Italian Market all rolled into one. There is a 2 mile or so boardwalk and multiple piers with rides of all types for all age groups. The Bullen outing is for employees and family, Those attending have unlimited access to rides and waterparks all day and an all you can eat lunch. We give out awards for best t-shirt, best hat and best sunglasses.

It was a great day and I am sure quite a few people will be coming to work with sunburns on Monday

Thanks to Vince Smith for organizing a great event.


Have a great day and a even better sales week!

Scott Jarden