Sunday Sales Blast 1/28/17

Use These 5 Sales Questions To Close More Deals

These sales questions can help you unlock all the answers you need to navigate through your customer's journey to help you close deals faster

The worst error a salesperson can make is not asking buyers enough of the right questions.

Bad salespeople will monopolize the sales conversation by talking too much about their company and all their product's various features. But even decent salespeople can make the mistake of not probing deeply enough, and just accepting the first answer a prospective customer gives them.

#1. Why? Why? Why?
Your job as a salesperson is to try to find the answer to these questions by asking "why" enough times until you reach the root emotional problem that they're hoping you can solve.

Why would someone be interested in working with you, and what do they hope to gain from doing business with you?

#2. Why now?
Every salesperson knows that timing is crucial to whether or not you will win or lose a deal, but not asking your prospective customers the right questions leaves you blind to objections and roadblocks.

#3. Who will sign off on this?
If you don't ask the right questions, you might not even be talking to a decision maker.

To get all five and the rest of the details here is the link:

Let hope we continue to be the victorious underdogs at the Super Bowl tonight and win another one.

Go Eagles!

Stay warm and have a great Sunday and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden



For those that read the whole SSB this week I was wrong, the Super Bowl is not tonight, it is next week. 

Let hope we continue to be the victorious underdogs at the Super Bowl  and win another one.