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Sunday Sales Blast

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10 Inspirational and Motivational YouTube Channels You Should Watch

With video content exploding in popularity over the years, it's resulted in many entrepreneur-focused YouTube channels being launched. My favorite time to consume YouTube content is during exercising or when stuck in some long line while shopping or any down time. Here are some worth checking out.

1. Casey Neistat
Neistat's channel is a great example of how building a loyal following can be beneficial regardless of what project you are working on. In his early vlogging days, his technology company Beme was the recipient of addition exposure via his YouTube audience, and today, Neistat's 368 project is the primary focus.

With 10 million subscribers, Neistat's channel is one of the most popular on YouTube. I've followed this channel since Neistat started to vlog daily, and what he has accomplished on YouTube is pretty incredible.

2. Tanner J. Fox
Tanner J. Fox found success selling on Amazon FBA Those close to me know that I absolutely despise most online self-proclaimed gurus, but Fox's channel is a breath of fresh air. I respect his no-nonsense approach, and entrepreneurs who are interested in showcasing lifestyle content on social media can use this as an example of how to do it correctly, with full disclosure and no fluff.

He's walked the walk, creating several multi-million-dollar businesses on Amazon, and his video content provides free value to anyone interested in learning the ropes. There is no fluff or BS with Fox. Yes, he features his Lamborghini in many of his videos, but also explains why -- it's a business growth tool he's been able to successfully leverage to grow this audience.

3. Ghost
This is a brand channel for Ghost, a supplement company, and their Building The Brand series is a must-watch. They are documenting the journey of building the Ghost brand and it highlights everything they are doing, from trade shows to formula testing and brand collaborations.

This peek inside approach is something more brands should consider. You really get a feel of what the company stands for when you get to know the people behind it. I have the utmost respect for the entire Ghost founding team and what they have accomplished thus far.

For the list of all ten here is the link:

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