Sunday Sales Blast 10/21/18

Why a shorter dwell time is important
Two weeks ago in the SSB Blast, we talked about our new pathogen control system, Spray N Go/Spray N Roll II/SNG Mini. The products and system have been met with spectacular success. One of the questions we have gotten often is why to use the Spray N Go when you could use a conventional disinfectant. The Spray N Roll II and  SNG Mini also have been compared to the Victory and Clorox electrostatic sprayers.

The difference between 10 minutes and 2 or less
We decided to make a video to show the difference between a 2 minute dwell time and a more conventional one of 10 minutes. You can click the link below to see the difference. We used a Victory electrostatic sprayer for the 10-minute test since we thought based on their press the advantage of the unit would be its coverage of the surface: "When you spray a solution charged with electrostatics, the solution will wrap conductive surfaces".  We also used Vital Oxide in the 10-minute test since that is the hot product to be used with the electrostatic sprayers.

Test results
You can see in the video that after about 3-4 minutes the Vital Oxide applied with the Victory Sprayer starts to rapidly dry. The Spray N Go applied with the SNG Mini stays wet for the 2 minute dwell time. What does this mean? EPA registered disinfectants are tested against various organisms, viruses, and fungi at set times. The surface has to remain wet for the tested time period to be able to kill what it says it kills. In the case of the Vital Oxide or any other product that requires a long 10 minute dwell time, it must be applied so heavy that the surface is soaked or more than one application (maybe 3) are required. Airx Spray N Go and its 5 second, 1 or 2 minute dwell times are easily achieved with one application using our spray system.

To watch the video, click here!


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ISSA show is coming soon

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Scott Jarden