Sunday Sales Blast 10/7/18

Blatant Product Plug Sunday

Ok, we usually don't talk about Bullen products in the SSB but we are so excited about what we are introducing via the sales force next week and at the ISSA show we could not control ourselves.

Pathogen Control Made Easy, Effective & fast!

Top three issues with pathogen control and proper use of disinfectants:
1. Most people don't use disinfectants properly.
2. You don't know if the product you are using is mixed correctly or if it is working. 
3. The current products for the control and reduction of pathogens in work environments are difficult to use.

1. Do you know what the proper dwell time is for your specific disinfectant? Most are 10 minutes, do you apply enough product to the treated surface to remain wet for 10 minutes? We would guess you answered no for both questions. Airx Spray N Go has dwell times on average of 2 minutes or less. There is a big difference between 10 minute wet dwell time and 2 or less. Airx Spray N Go solves that problem.

2. Airx Spray N Go is an RTU solution.  It eliminates the problem of not mixing correctly and since the dwell time is so short you don't have to use as much product as required with a longer dwell time (a 10 minute dwell time typically requires two applications).

3. Airx Spray N Go is really "spray and go". Using either the Spray N Roll II or the Mini SNG sprayer you can cover small or large areas quickly and efficiently. How easy is that?


Want to learn more about Airx and the Spray N Go pathogen control system? Click here and drop us a email and we will get you all of the information.

ISSA show is coming soon

Are you coming to the ISSA show in Dallas this year? 23 days till the show starts. See us at booth #2943 and watch for our video's from the show floor and learn more about the Airx Spray N Go Pathogen Control System.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden