Sunday Sales Blast 11/11/18

Happy Veterans Day! Thanks for your service

Flush With Ideas: Bill Gates Pursues the Toilet of the Future


Bill Gates once had the bold idea to design software for the personal computer. Now his foundation is out to shake up the sanitation system through off-the-grid toilets.

The toilets of the future don’t need sewer lines. One proposed model doesn’t even need flush water. They can run off the grid and turn human waste, or fecal sludge in the industry’s parlance, into electricity and clean water.

Bill Gates would know: He once took a sip of water that had originated from excrement. The water was filtered by a small-scale waste treatment plant made by Sedron Technologies, one of the companies showcased at a toilet expo Tuesday in Beijing. “Oh, it was great,” Mr. Gates said in an interview. “It was literally purer water than you would get from a normal faucet.”

Seven years after the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation first challenged inventors to build cheap, sewerless toilets, several prototypes are entering early trials. This new generation of toilets could curb the spread of disease among the more than 4 billion people without access to safely managed sanitation.

The Most Successful Companies Have Humble Leaders. Here's Why
Self-indulgent leaders can cause employee morale to take a hit. Here are some key benefits of embracing humility as a leader.

To hire more humble leaders, some businesses now ask questions specific to measuring humility during the hiring process--either through personality tests, prescreen surveys or interview questions. These questions might include, "Do you appreciate teammates' feedback at work?" or "As a leader, do you think you're entitled to more recognition than the rest of your team?"

Why are businesses looking for humble leaders now more than ever? Recent studies have found that leading with humility can result in stronger teamwork, increased employee engagement, decreased turnover and continuous learning and improvement.

Increased Engagement and Retention
Beyond delegating work and openly accepting feedback, humble leaders aren't threatened by their team's talent and are quick to offer their teams recognition where recognition is due, instead of taking credit for the team's work. According to Aon's 2018 Trends in Global Employee Engagement report, public recognition is one of the top factors that improves employee engagement.

Continuous Learning and Improvement
Humble leaders have a strong understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and as a result are always looking for ways to improve their roles, and improve the company for the better. Conversely, leaders who lack humility are likely hesitant to recognize their own weaknesses, which poses a risk for these leaders growing stagnant in their roles, and can have a negative impact on the company's growth.

What are you doing at your company to hire and promote humble leaders?

As I reported last week I had the pleasure of seeing and meeting President Bush (#43) and now I have the picture to prove it. I will put it on my wall in my office with the one taken with his Dad (#41). It will be below the one I got a few years ago with Steve Wozniak (Woz) the co-founder of Apple. Sorry but he tops the Presidents on my wall of fame. Thanks to my Dad for the use of his tie.


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Scott Jarden