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 7 Ways Your Office Affects Productivity (Without Your Realizing It)

Human behavior is hard to predict, but we know it can be significantly influenced in subtle ways. You may not just be able to drastically improve your (or your team’s) productivity by introducing a new tool that helps them stay better organized, but you may be able to boost morale and efficiency simply by changing your team’s office environment.

Subtle factors that influence productivity
Your environment can shape not only how you work and stay organized, but also your mood and disposition. Take a look at these seven empirically backed factors, which could change how your team works and feels over the course of a day:

1. Lighting
Take a look at your office lighting, including how much natural light you let into the office. Bright light, present on a regular basis, has been shown to make people happier, reducing both anxiety and depression. And sufficient lighting can reduce the onset of computer vision syndrome, as well.

2. Ambient noise
Total silence isn’t necessarily good for productivity, but auditory disturbances can make your productivity plummet; research shows your productivity can actually drop 66 percent when you’re exposed to nearby conversations, distracting noises like a squeaky shopping cart or a public service announcement over a loudspeaker.
Providing some level of ambient noise, at a consistent volume, can help cover up some of these distracting noises. Providing closed offices or cubicles also affords employees more privacy.
3. Music
Hundreds of studies have attempted to determine whether music is truly effective at improving productivity: Some individuals insist it is and others insist it’s just a distraction. The current consensus is somewhere in the middle.
Low- to moderate-volume music can have a positive effect on employee productivity, with a couple of caveats: The music personally preferred by a worker will have more of an effect than music adjudged to be neutral or even actively disliked (as you might imagine). Music with very clear lyrics can be distracting more than beneficial.

4. Temperature
Studies have found different “ideal” temperatures for a workplace environment, though the exact average temperature for peak productivity appears to be around 71 degrees F.
The caveat here, of course, are the drastic differences between individual preferences; while one employee may be operating at peak productivity, another may feel cold, and yet another may find the office too hot to be able to focus. You’ll have to experiment and adjust from this average to find the peak value for your own team.

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