Sunday Sales Blast 11/4/18

We are back from a great show! If you stopped by the booth, thanks very much. If you did not attend the show you can see the daily videos at the link at the bottom.

Working a trade show is hard... It is hard getting it planned out and making sure you remembered everything. It is hard working the show (in this case for three days). And it is hard following up on all of the leads and interest that you generated.

Like any good marketing campaign it is a team effort. There are the plant staff that produce the products we are selling, the office staff that handle things for the sales force while we are away and everyone else that takes care of the details no one ever sees.

I want to thank all of the Bullen staff for this effort. It is our core value #4 Execute Team Work.

Speaking of core values, do you know all of ours? What are your core values for your company?

Here are ours:

1. Promote Safety - No bull… It's priority number one!

2. Delight the Customer - Their needs are our focus.

3. Maintain Integrity - Our word is our bond.

4. Execute Teamwork - The best solutions come from working together.

5. Practice Good Karma - Pay it forward.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden