Sunday Sales Blast 2/18/18

EPA Says Scott Pruitt Flies First Class Because Angry People Yell At Him Too Much....

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt frequently flies in first and business class because he’s regularly confronted by angry members of the public during his travels, according to a report in Politico on Thursday.

The EPA’s Office of Criminal Enforcement told Politico that Pruitt was “approached at the airport numerous times, to the point of profanities being yelled at him,” which spurred the expensive bookings.

“The team leader felt that he was being placed in a situation where he was unsafe on the flight,” Henry Barnet, the office’s director, told Politico. In one instance, someone approached Pruitt and yelled, “You’re _____ up the environment,” Barnet said.
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Don't talk politics when selling

The golden rule of sales is don't talk politics but I could not resist when I saw this justification for the use of taxpayers money. We deal a lot with EPA and I can tell you that there are a lot of things that need to be fixed.  The new budget could make things even worse. I would not be surprised to see the DfE Safer Choice program dropped altogether.

Do you listen to your customers?

What is the take away from this? If Mr. Priuitt was running the EPA like a business he should be open to meeting and hearing from his "customers", the public but no he wants to be insolated from them. If they are that passionate about what the EPA is doing maybe he should listen, wouldn't you if it was your business?

Good afternoon to watch golf again this week after the snow we got last night here in PA.

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Scott Jarden