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Celebrity chefs are turning viewers into dirty cooks, study finds


Another reason to promote hand hygiene!

Viewers of TV cooking shows may be picking up bad habits from celebrity chefs, a study has found.

Researchers in Germany analyzed 100 episodes of popular cooking shows to see whether any hygiene rules were being broken.

"The results showed that important hygiene measures are often neglected in cooking shows, with one error being observed every 50 seconds on average," said Professor Andreas Hensel, who carried out the study for the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.

Wiping dirty hands on tea towels and reusing chopping boards without first cleaning them were two of the most common errors noted on TV. (I did that before reading this). Let's hope we see a change on "Chopped".

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25 Business Plan Tips From Professionals

Here are tips on developing a great business plan but also some common sense ideas that are good for how to run your business, your territory or whatever you are working on. I liked them so wanted to share.

Offer a solution
"A great new business plan outlines how a business plans to solve a problem, how much it will charge for that and how much it will cost to solve that problem. It also includes why the business has the right group of people and assets to best solve the problem, how it will let people know that they are solving this problem, and finally how the business will get people to pay to have that problem solved."

Look at what other businesses are doing.

"My best tip for writing a business plan is to take a step back while you are brainstorming, and come up with strategies that will help you avoid falling into those traps that make so many other businesses fail. You should ensure that your business plan accomplishes these three goals:

1) Appeals to your target customer audience,
2) Differentiates your business as unique,
3) Communicates your value propositions in an articulate manner.

Set specific goals.

"You won’t know if you are still on the right track unless you are clear about where you are going. Identify sales goals that are attainable. Global domination may be desirable but it’s not a realistic or a specific goal. As a manager or a business owner, you should create attainable financial sales goals for a defined period so your team is able to break the goals down into individual objectives."

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Great afternoon for golf and watching to see if Tiger can make another a run at it.

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