Collins Blog - LEAD with AirX and SELL MORE PAPER PRODUCTS!


If you begin with helping solve your customer's smelly problems first, you just may sell more paper products and trash liners!


At least that is what some of my more experienced distributor sales reps tell me!!   Yes, they are actually selling more paper and trash liners, by simply NOT talking about paper and trash liners with new prospects...   but, instead helping new customers address their aircare and odor problems first. 


Why does this strategy work?   Because ALL of your competition is leading with the largest volume items first when they approach new prospects, and products which most customers aren't having any issues with.    ...but, there is always some stinky problem a customer has, which can be nagging and persistent, which they would love to have a solution for.    The next thing that happens is you now have an opportunity to sell them paper towels and tissue, because you gained instant credibility.


Being the one salesperson who brings up the smelly problem every potential customer has makes you different and shows you care about solving problems not just getting orders and quoting prices.


Why is leading with AirX AirCare also a good strategy for YOU:

  • a different approach to solving a customer problem will get a better reception
  • uncover and solve customer problems they probably don't know they even have or knew there was a solution for:  drain odor maintenance, trash area odor control, stinky locker rooms, etc.
  • AirX Aircare products work!!    In the past few months I've had many distributors share our products are the "best performing on the market!"    Offer them something better than probably what they have now and has little value as a result.
  • Make more $$$!!   Aircare products offer sales margins up to 2X higher than paper and trash liners.
  • Customers say YES!!   ...and isn't that what we want them to say?!    Make an amazing impression, show them some "WOW", and take orders on initial sales calls, which can open the door to additional product sales.

I've seen it many times the past few years.   The AirX product line is actually a door opener to selling new accounts and growing total revenue.     


The AirX sales team is here to help you uncover these opportunities... and you may just increase your paper sales!



Bullen / AirX Regional Sales Manager