Sunday Sales Blast 5/6/18

Industry Stats....
I saw a short article put out by Essendant with some pretty disturbing info on the state of jansan industry online.

53% of distributors have a e-commerce presence.
28% say they have a website but do not list products.
11% do not have a website at all.
The good news is if you are part of the 53% you won't be left completely behind by the changes taking place in our industry, If you are part of the 11% that do not have a website, just give up or give Bullen a call, we can help.

Daily Habits Highly Successful People Have (and the Rest of us Probably Don't)

You can't get to the top by behaving like everyone else.

Highly successful people don't rise to the top by behaving like everyone else. They understand that achieving great things means getting more done, taking excellent care of their bodies and thinking in ways which promote greatness. Here are the daily habits more than two dozen executives say helped them get where they are today.

"I've found it's really helpful just to write everything down. It lets you collect fun or creative ideas you have for later to revisit them at a later time.
"First thing in the morning, decide what you need to do to consider that day a success. Setting that expectation, with yourself and with your team, ensures everyone is clear on what is a priority, and helps to track progress and maintain accountability. 
"Hire for personality, not skills. You can train someone to do the job. You can't train someone to be smart, personable or energetic. Find people with solid foundations that you can build on. In addition, always be on the offense. It's easy to think you've won and to stop pushing, but the moment you do so, you've already started to lose. Stay excited. Stay aggressive."

For all 21 here is the link:

Don't forget to come visit with us in Amsterdam or watch for the videos from the show.







Bullen will be exhibiting at the ISSA Interclean show again this year. The Interclean show is held every two years and is the international equivalent of the show held in the USA each year, You can see Bullen in the Pavillion of the Americas. Show dates are May 15th-18th.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden