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Do glasses make you smarter?

A new study indicates that people who need to wear eyeglasses have higher cognitive functions. For the study published in Nature Communications, scientists from the University of Edinburgh analyzed cognitive and genetic data from 300,000 people aged between 16 and 102. They found that people with higher levels of intelligence were likely to have genes linked to poor eyesight. The study found a genetic correlation between poor eyesight and higher cognitive functions, but it did not establish a direct link between the two. Take away on this, watch out for the people with bad eyesight!

Residents Raise a Stink Over Pig Farms in North Carolina


BEULAVILLE, N.C.—The linchpin of 500 legal complaints against Chinese-owned pork giant Smithfield Foods Inc., is headed to federal court Tuesday, part of a historic challenge to North Carolina’s $2.9 billion hog industry.

A Raleigh-based jury will determine whether a 4,700-hog farm run by a Smithfield contractor, with open pools of manure, emits enough odor and sprayed liquid waste to be considered a nuisance to a neighboring couple.

Lawyers representing Beulaville residents Elvis and Vonnie Williams said in court filings that Smithfield is “a large enterprise with the ability to reduce and end the nuisance.” They said the smell has hurt the couple’s “ability to enjoy family gatherings, barbeques, outdoor chores, playing with children outside, and doing yardwork.”

State regulators originally blessed the storing of manure and urine in open lagoons and spraying liquid waste as fertilizer on farmland. But the industry grew quickly and some lagoons failed, sending waste into rivers and streams during storms. A moratorium on new farms using lagoons has been in place since 1997, but the farm in the lawsuit—and hundreds like it—are grandfathered in, since nearly all hog farms in the state legally installed lagoons in the 1980s and ’90s.

Sounds like a great business opportunity for some odor control. Bullen has a program for this problem and similar ones at sewage treatment plants, garbage dumps etc.

Watch the final of the Memorial tournament this afternoon while getting organized for next week. Tiger is making a run and may win this one.

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