Sunday Sales Blast 7/22/18

Why the Sunday Sales Blast (SSB)?
I was recently asked what is the purpose of the SSB. That's is an excellent question and good one to cover this week. We started the Sunday Sales Blast quite a few years ago after we stopped producing the Jancast Podcast.
I am an avid reader and always looking to learn new things. As I come upon great articles, news etc that gets my interest I figured why not share it. Every now and then we plug in some products or "Bullen" related stuff but we try to be non-commercial in our content. The background benefit of the SSB for Bullen is it drives traffic to our website and that helps our search ranking. Do you have a blog or social presence that could help your company?

You can still listen to the over 100 Jancast shows we did back in 2003-2016. Here is a link to the video version of Jancast. Check show # 82 where I interviewed my Dad. Here is a link to those shows: Click here

Now back to this weeks SSB content

7 Tips and Tricks to Keep Yourself Motivated in Any Situation
When the going gets tough, the tough use these smart strategies to keep going.

When you work for yourself and must juggle all of the demands that come with running your own business, it can sometimes be hard to stay motivated. You might get tired, lose momentum, or even feel discouraged by competing demands on your time. Staying motivated can be one of the toughest challenges that a sole proprietor faces, because there's no one else around to give you a pep talk. It's just you.

The good news is that you can be your own cheerleader and drill instructor, capable of inspiring and pushing yourself to keep going Here are seven simple ways you can keep yourself motivated, even on the toughest days.

1. Celebrate your "done" list.
Taking a moment at the end of your day to look at everything you accomplished is a good way to keep yourself motivated. Don't look at the things you didn't get done; look at all the tasks you checked off your list, and really celebrate the good day's work you put in

2. Don't start your day with email messages.
When you start your day, it's very easy to sit down at your computer and default to checking your email messages. Don't. According to New Republic, studies have found that the two hours right after you wake up are the most productive, and emails are not the best use of that productive time. Keeping yourself motivated means gaining momentum at the start of your work day. Email messages won't do that. Email messages are housekeeping. They are passive mental activities that don't take advantage of all you can do. What's more, if you start your day facing a full inbox, you'll immediately feel like you're already behind.

5. Complete one task that will make your day a success.
When you sit down to make your daily to-do list, be sure to ask yourself one important question: "What one big task should I complete to make me feel like this day was a success no matter what?" When you have your answer, circle that task and prioritize it. This trick isn't just a strong motivator to get that important task done. It's also helpful for those days when everything falls apart on you and nothing else gets done, because you'll still end your day with a sense of accomplishment.

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Great golf this week from the British Open. If you got up early you could watch it live., Tiger is in the hunt!

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden