Sunday Sales Blast 9/16/18

Why Word-of-Mouth Marketing Matters 

Here's why it's important to get people chatting about your brand.

From social media to banner ads and SEO, there are a number of ways companies market their goods and services. However, the most trusted source is usually from a person’s friends, family or colleague.

If word-of-mouth marketing sounds simple, don’t be fooled -- it isn’t. Creating cutting edge buzz-worthy messages that go viral is no easy task.

While more than half of small business owners anticipate growth for their businesses in 2015, according to a Small Business Report, 56 percent say they’re investing less than 3 percent on marketing. When they do invest, most of these business owners are likely thinking about traditional forms of advertising or collecting new customers instead of connecting with them.

How do you turn consumers into passionate brand advocates through word-of-mouth marketing? How do you fuel conversations that make people want to talk and share your message with their network?

1. Identify and target your influencers.
An influencer is someone who is active on social media and blogs and is able to promote your message and brand. Marketing expert Jay Baer probably put it best when he said, “true influence drives action, not just awareness.” The truth is, consumers today trust a third party much more than they trust brands. Getting the right message out to influencers is a new way of marketing that, if done effectively, can lead to explosive growth for businesses.

2. Connect to the human emotion.
The Make-A-Wish Foundation is well-known for its dedication to granting wishes to children facing life-threatening illnesses. Getting people aware of your brand is one thing -- staying in the conversation is another. To achieve the latter, the non-profit organization created a compelling event for Miles Scott, a 5-year-old cancer survivor in remission, who wished he could be the superhero, Batkid, for one day.

On November 15, 2013, Make-A-Wish created one of the largest and most elaborate staged event ever, which included participation from President Barack Obama and other government officials and law enforcement. Even the city’s main newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle produced a “Gotham City Chronicle” edition with the headline “Batkid Saves City: Hooded hero nabs Riddler, rescues damsel in distress.”

As a result of its extraordinary word-of-mouth campaign, Make-A-Wish received 1.89 million social impressions, 555,697 #batkid hashtags, significant press coverage including a Buzzfeed article that generated 2.5 million hits within three days, more than 21,683 Instagram and Twitter photos posted by the end of the day, and, of course, increased donations.

3. Continuously involve communities.

4. Give consumers something to talk about with superior customer service.

To read the details on the last two here is the full article:

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