Sunday Sales Blast 1/13/19

6 common beliefs about productivity that are total lies

Some conventional wisdom isn’t so wise. Productivity experts weigh in on some commonly held beliefs that are just wrong.

Want to write that novel? Get up an hour before usual and devote that time to putting words on the page. Need to fit exercise or meditation into a busy day? Set the alarm an hour earlier. After all, the early bird catches the worm.

Not so fast, says Stuart Hearn, CEO of Clear Review, a performance management software company, and former human resources (HR) director at Sony. “Not everyone is a morning person. We all have different productivity rhythms, and while some people are more productive in the early hours of the day, this isn’t always the case,” he says. If you’re waking up early when your best work or high-energy times are in the afternoon or evening, you could be undermining your best work times.

We’ve heard a lot about the downside of multitasking; nothing gets done well. But multitasking doesn’t just affect the person trying to do too much. If you’re not focusing on the email you’re dashing off, you might make critical mistakes or come across in a harsher tone than you intended. You may alienate your team and get a reputation as someone who is constantly overwhelmed or a poor communicator, says business coach Gayle Bu, who specializes in productivity and time management.

“So, all of a sudden, everybody’s time is being wasted with this relationship issue that actually wasn’t even an issue, you were just trying to shoot off some Slack messages and get some stuff done,” she says.

Just because you do things efficiently doesn’t necessarily mean that you should take on more projects, says business coach Don Scott. It may feel like productive people should take on more projects, but that can simply result in undermining your efforts, he says.

Ward agrees. “As a world-class triathlete, I often coached newcomers to the sport that slower is faster. The science rests in the physiology of the heart. The same is true with projects at work,” he says. In other words, when you are able to streamline your efforts and increase your impact, don’t be tempted to overload yourself with more projects that will dilute your effectiveness.

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Thanks to all of you that were rooting for the Eagles last week. That win over the Bears was due to more than just a bad field goal, it was teamwork. Bullen's Core value # 4 is Execute Teamwork.  What are your core values for your business?

Lets hope we can reverse what happen to the Eagles the last time we played the Saints. Go Eagles.

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