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Airports Try Stall Tactic: Better Bathrooms

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LaGuardia, the New York airport fliers love to hate, thinks it can win travelers over with nicer, larger restrooms—it’s one of many airports figuring out how much this matters.

Meet the trendiest social media stars of the Big Apple: the bathrooms at a new concourse at LaGuardia Airport.

Gleaming, spacious and well-designed restrooms at the airport synonymous with grime, leaks and lines have travelers snapping sink selfies and tweeting delight instead of derision. After all, what’s more important at an airport than the bathrooms?

Bathrooms are often the first stop at an airport for passengers. Airports say clean, uncrowded facilities that are easy to find are actually a huge factor in how well-liked an airport is, and even in whether travelers will purchase food or shop at airport stores. Bathrooms—clean or dirty—often end up in social media, too.
“Who talked about airport restrooms a decade, especially two decades ago? They were kind of a utility, typically behind a wall, always undersized. They almost looked used the first week they were opened,” says George Casey, chief executive of Vantage Airport Group, a Vancouver, British Columbia, company that has helped manage or operate terminals in more than 30 airports world-wide.

Now bathroom feedback is instant, widespread and effective, and restrooms have become key satisfaction drivers. “People say, If you can’t get the restroom right, what do I need to think about for the rest of my experience?” Mr. Casey says.

“One of the biggest issues for airports is cleanliness of bathrooms. If you’re operating over capacity, it’s a real challenge,” says Phillip Brown, executive director of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

We have been talking about how important clean bathrooms are for years, what are you doing with your customer to promote this need? You don't have to be a airport to see the benefits. Maybe a marketing campaign promoting the benefit of clean and nice smelling bathrooms and the products you can supply to make it happen?

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