Sunday Sales Blast 2/10/19

Sunday Sales Blast

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Forget the Super Bowl, lets talk about the bathrooms and the commercials

Restrooms Set The Stage For Super Bowl Fans

Even though most of the media was focused on the bright lights, retractable roof and 1,100-foot halo video screen at Sunday's Super Bowl, those visiting Mercedes-Benz Stadium likely paid more attention to the location of the closest restroom — especially after visiting one of the 1,260 beer taps. Fortunately, the sports fans didn't have to venture too far from their seats to get some relief. According to ESPN reports, the stadium features a 30 percent increase over the Georgia Dome in female toilets (22 percent for the men).

"Everyone is going to use the restroom," Scott Jenkins, Mercedes-Benz Stadium general manager, told ESPN reporters, "The functionality, the quantity, the aesthetics of your bathrooms is critical. It seems unremarkable to most people, but, trust me, you invite 70,000 people to your house and you get the bathrooms wrong — you've got a huge problem."

Here are some stats-
On average, a football stadium urinal is used 160 times per game. On Super Bowl Sunday in Atlanta, that could mean more than 100,000 flushes in four hours. "Good plumbers," Jenkins says, "are worth their weight in gold."
New York Magazine's Science of Us says that nearly half of all fans will place a call while using the restroom during a game, 10 percent will complete an online purchase and 8 percent will actually consume food while on the can

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Last week I told you I would give my opinion this week on the best Super Bowl commercials so here are my top 3-

Burger King -- "Eat Like Andy"
Just weird, that's all I can say.

These ads don't have to be complicated. This spot for Bubly, a flavored seltzer sold by Pepsi, hits all the requisite Super Bowl beats: Hire a celebrity, make a joke, repeat the joke, pitch the product, and end on another gag. As a disgruntled version of himself, Michael Bublé is game and the other actors, including stand-up Aparna Nancherla, help sell the premise. I don't know -- it was one of the few genuine laughs during a bleak game! What more do you want? 

Amazon -- Jokes about Alexa are a Super Bowl pastime at this point. Amazon recruits some big names for this one -- Harrison Ford, Forest Whitaker, Abbi Jacobson, Ilana Glazer, and more make quick appearances -- but the premise of "Alexa is up to no good" was funnier when more people weren't, uh, actively concerned about what Alexa is doing with your data. It's a dystopian ad for a dystopian product. So, a success, I guess?

Do you want to watch them all again? Here is the link:

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Scott Jarden