Sunday Sales Blast 4/15/18

Are you going to the Interclean show in Amsterdam next month? We are...
Bullen has exhibited at the ISSA Interclean show in Amsterdam for over 20 years.

Bullen has many customers worldwide so it is a great way for us to meet with them and also visit with suppliers that most companies in the USA would never have contact with face to face. The show is every two years so there is a good chance of seeing something new. At the last show in 2016 we were able to contract with a company to produce our Airx Scentinel cabinet, a key part of the new Airx Care program we introduced last year. We take videos each day so you can see what we see. Weather permitting we ride bikes to the show each day with thousands of others on their way to work. They love their bikes over there. Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to the show.


5 Daily Steps for Succeeding at Anything

Successful people plan. Unsuccessful or mediocre people simply content themselves with hoping and wishing.

Here are 5 daily steps that will have you reprogramming your mind towards success in anything.

There's a big difference between hoping, wishing and planning. People with hopes have a vague, overarching idea of what lives they should be enjoying. They think someway, somehow, these things will happen, but they simply don't know how to get from point A to point B. They content themselves with the fact that things can change.


Now that you are focused on setting up goals the right way, I have some good news for you. You might think that your goal is too big, too ambitious or too grand. Well, think again. The truth is, there is no such thing as an impossible goal. Increase your daily wins, and the impossible becomes possible.


Let's face it, life is rough. Life can be unfair, life can be hard. Things fall apart. What are you going to do? Are you going to wish that things aren't the way they are? Well, anybody can play that game. Anybody can look at reality based on how they think things should be. The problem is, we live in a world where things simply are.


If you want to hit the moon, aim for the sun. The truth is, the more you try to do the "impossible," the sooner you become unstoppable. When you become unstoppable, you achieve greater and greater goals.


According to my upbringing, it's always bad form to brag. It's always a bad idea to boast about yourself. While there's a lot of good reasons for this kind of thinking, I've allowed myself to confuse this thinking with the tendency to avoid all sorts of self congratulation. I view any situation where I allow myself to feel good about my accomplishments as necessarily bragging. I got so scared of being cocky or being viewed as prideful and conceited that I never got around to congratulating myself. Big mistake.

An iron rule of life is to get more of something, incentivize it. You need to encourage it. Blocking yourself from congratulating yourself robs you of the power and resolve to succeed. By simply choosing to feel good about what you managed to achieve, you lay the groundwork for further progress. At the very least, you replenish your personal emotional batteries so you can get the energy you need to keep pushing forward.

Good golf today from Hilton Head and the RBC.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden

Sunday Sales Blast 4/8/18

Rare Superbugs More Widespread Than Thought, Says CDC
‘Nightmare bacteria’ harbor extremely rare forms of antibiotic resistance


Strains of so-called “nightmare bacteria” that harbor extremely rare forms of antibiotic resistance are more common than previously known in the U.S., public-health officials said Tuesday. But they said aggressive measures can stop the bacteria from becoming widespread.

Nationwide testing over nine months in 2017 by a new Antibiotic Resistance Laboratory Network turned up 221 samples of highly drug-resistant bugs with features normally considered rare in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which set up the lab network.

“CDC’s study found several dangerous pathogens, hiding in plain sight, that can cause infections that are difficult or impossible to treat,” said Anne Schuchat, the CDC’s principal deputy director. She said she was surprised by the large numbers. “This was more than I was expecting,” she said.

More than 23,000 people die in the U.S. every year from antibiotic-resistant infections, according to the CDC.

What does this mean to us in the cleaning industry? It is up to us to teach proper pathogen control and procedures. While the flu season is almost over never stop educating your customers of what to do.

Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Download Today

It is easier than ever to find high-quality content and educate yourself on various business topics, and there is plenty of valuable information available in them. As you explore podcasts, try to find shows that entertain you, while keeping you engaged and focused. Ultimately, listening to a podcast should improve your entrepreneurial mindset -- otherwise it is a waste of time. To help you in your search for the perfect podcast, here are three of the top entrepreneurship-themed podcasts I believe everyone should be listening to.

The School of Greatness
The School of Greatness is the podcast hosted by Lewis Howes, New York Times bestselling author, lifestyle entrepreneur, former pro athlete and fellow Entrepreneur contributor. He has different categories of episodes, covering inspiration, business, entrepreneurship, health and relationships. Every Friday, he offers concise five-minute episodes.

Overall, Howes wants to promote healthy and successful lifestyles, regardless of career ambitions. It's a great podcast if you want to focus not just on being successful, but living a healthy and fulfilling life as well.

The Gary Vee Audio Experience
Gary Vaynerchuk, aka Gary Vee, has created quite a personal brand in the entrepreneurship space. His ability to forecast trends and emphasize action above all is what powers his success.

Vaynerchuk now says "the future is audio and voice," and is using his podcast, The GaryVee Audio Experience, as a way to develop connections and share information about his entrepreneurial journey. This is a podcast to follow if you want insights on how to get things done and find innovative entrepreneurial solutions -- from someone that is in the trenches daily.

The Tim Ferriss Show
Tim Ferriss has had the opportunity to interview some of the greatest business minds of this generation and has written a number of New York Times bestselling books encapsulating the lessons he has learned. In each episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, he focuses on unique tips, tricks and tactics that listeners can take away and use in their daily lives.

For all five podcasts and the complete article here is the link:

Congrats to Villanova for winning the big one. Watch the Master today and see who wins. Even if you don't follow golf it is a great thing to watch.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Sunday Sales Blast 3/25/18



This is a lot to read but if you fly a lot like I do it is really interesting. I always sit in the aisle so I can get up and walk around. Little did I know that it is the worse place to pick for your seat. What other areas other than flying could you use this data to avoid and maybe not get sick or worse?

IF YOU WANT to avoid getting sick on a plane, the worst place to sit, according to Charles Gerba, is along the aisle. The issue is exposure—not just to other passengers, but anything they touch. That means obvious hot spots (armrests, tray tables, in-flight magazines) and less-obvious ones like aisle seats, which people use to steady themselves as they move about the cabin, frequently on their way to and from a lavatory.

Oh right, lavatories. Don't get Gerba started on those. Overtrafficked and underserviced, many are swarming with E. coli. "Your typical flight will have one for every 50 people," he says. "Sometimes it's more like one per 75."

To investigate how an infection might spread aboard an aircraft, Hertzberg and Weiss conducted observations of passenger behavior on actual flights. Which, well, nobody had ever done before. "It's one of the most sophisticated studies I've seen," Gerba told me. And their in-situ observations of passengers could improve our understanding of the role that air transportation plays in the spread of illnesses and epidemics.

Their observations are probably the most detailed account of in-flight behavior ever compiled, and are loaded with fascinating tidbits about the risks that people take aboard an airplane every time they leave their seats—and how where you sit hurts or helps your chances of becoming sick.

For instance: Thirty-eight percent of passengers didn't leave their seats during their flight, and 38 percent left once (the rest left more frequently). Perhaps unsurprisingly, the proportion of people who got up during the flight varied by seat assignment: People sitting in the aisle were most likely to move beyond their seating area, then middle seats, then windows. Aisle sitters also came into contact with other passengers more than five times as often as people in window seats.

There is a lot more to this article, to read it all here is the link:

United Airlines Paid a Savvy Passenger $10,000 To Leave a Plane, Here's Why

A United Airlines passenger was paid $10,000 in travel credit to give up her seat on an overbooked flight at Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C on Thursday. Allison Preiss, who live-tweeted her experience with the embattled airline, left many on social media wondering: will they be getting a pricey voucher next time their seat is bumped? 

Sadly, not likely. While a United Airlines representative told Newsweek that the voucher is per the company's policy, it is the highest voucher available and is only issued in extreme circumstances. The voucher limit creation came amid yet another crisis period for the 92-year-old airline. 

"When you are forcibly bumped from a flight, the law entitles you to cash compensation for anything more than a one hour delay," Schummer said. "In that case, a good negotiation strategy is to start off by insisting on cash compensation, because the airline would rather offer you a larger amount in travel vouchers than in cash. It sounds like this passenger did exactly that."

So, if you are ever on an overbooked flight, remember that you're most likely in a bargaining position. And, keep in mind, it could always be worse. Much worse. 

Here is what the passenger said: “On the upside, I wasn’t physically dragged off the plane and my dog wasn’t killed on board, so I’ve got that going for me...which is nice”.

Congrats to Villanova for making it to the elite 8. I live just down the road from the school and it is nice to see another local team doing well (remember the Eagles?)

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden

Sunday Sales Blast 3/18/18

Celebrity chefs are turning viewers into dirty cooks, study finds


Another reason to promote hand hygiene!

Viewers of TV cooking shows may be picking up bad habits from celebrity chefs, a study has found.

Researchers in Germany analyzed 100 episodes of popular cooking shows to see whether any hygiene rules were being broken.

"The results showed that important hygiene measures are often neglected in cooking shows, with one error being observed every 50 seconds on average," said Professor Andreas Hensel, who carried out the study for the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.

Wiping dirty hands on tea towels and reusing chopping boards without first cleaning them were two of the most common errors noted on TV. (I did that before reading this). Let's hope we see a change on "Chopped".

For the full article-

25 Business Plan Tips From Professionals

Here are tips on developing a great business plan but also some common sense ideas that are good for how to run your business, your territory or whatever you are working on. I liked them so wanted to share.

Offer a solution
"A great new business plan outlines how a business plans to solve a problem, how much it will charge for that and how much it will cost to solve that problem. It also includes why the business has the right group of people and assets to best solve the problem, how it will let people know that they are solving this problem, and finally how the business will get people to pay to have that problem solved."

Look at what other businesses are doing.

"My best tip for writing a business plan is to take a step back while you are brainstorming, and come up with strategies that will help you avoid falling into those traps that make so many other businesses fail. You should ensure that your business plan accomplishes these three goals:

1) Appeals to your target customer audience,
2) Differentiates your business as unique,
3) Communicates your value propositions in an articulate manner.

Set specific goals.

"You won’t know if you are still on the right track unless you are clear about where you are going. Identify sales goals that are attainable. Global domination may be desirable but it’s not a realistic or a specific goal. As a manager or a business owner, you should create attainable financial sales goals for a defined period so your team is able to break the goals down into individual objectives."

For more tips-

Great afternoon for golf and watching to see if Tiger can make another a run at it.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden

Sunday Sales Blast 3/11/18

How do your customer feel about your company? We wanted to know so we asked ours.


What is a Net Promoter Score? Net Promoter or Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm's customer relationships. It serves as an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction research and claims to be correlated with revenue growth. NPS has been widely adopted with more than two thirds of Fortune 1000 companies using the metric.

An NPS that is positive (i.e., higher than zero) is felt to be good, and an NPS of +50 is excellent.

It is pretty simple, we asked 700 of our customer contacts "How likely is it that you would recommend Bullen to a friend or colleague?" The rating choice is from 0-10. We had a 10% response rate (which is good for surveys) and here are the results:

  • DETRACTORS (0-6)4%  
  • PASSIVES (7-8) 15%  
  • PROMOTERS (9-10) 81%

The Net Promoter Score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of customers who are Detractors from the percentage of customers who are Promoters. For purposes of calculating a Net Promoter Score, Passives count towards the total number of respondents, thus decreasing the percentage of detractors and promoters and pushing the net score towards 0.

So that looks very good and we feel blessed that our customers feel that way about our people, culture and the company. 

What do you think your NPS is? Would you like help in learning how you can find out what your score is (if you don't know it already)?

Email us at to get information on how to get your NPS!

Special note: If you didn't change your clocks you are an hour off when you are reading this.

Great afternoon for golf and watching to see if Tiger can make a run at it.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden

Collins Blog - LEAD with AirX and SELL MORE PAPER PRODUCTS!


If you begin with helping solve your customer's smelly problems first, you just may sell more paper products and trash liners!


At least that is what some of my more experienced distributor sales reps tell me!!   Yes, they are actually selling more paper and trash liners, by simply NOT talking about paper and trash liners with new prospects...   but, instead helping new customers address their aircare and odor problems first. 


Why does this strategy work?   Because ALL of your competition is leading with the largest volume items first when they approach new prospects, and products which most customers aren't having any issues with.    ...but, there is always some stinky problem a customer has, which can be nagging and persistent, which they would love to have a solution for.    The next thing that happens is you now have an opportunity to sell them paper towels and tissue, because you gained instant credibility.


Being the one salesperson who brings up the smelly problem every potential customer has makes you different and shows you care about solving problems not just getting orders and quoting prices.


Why is leading with AirX AirCare also a good strategy for YOU:

  • a different approach to solving a customer problem will get a better reception
  • uncover and solve customer problems they probably don't know they even have or knew there was a solution for:  drain odor maintenance, trash area odor control, stinky locker rooms, etc.
  • AirX Aircare products work!!    In the past few months I've had many distributors share our products are the "best performing on the market!"    Offer them something better than probably what they have now and has little value as a result.
  • Make more $$$!!   Aircare products offer sales margins up to 2X higher than paper and trash liners.
  • Customers say YES!!   ...and isn't that what we want them to say?!    Make an amazing impression, show them some "WOW", and take orders on initial sales calls, which can open the door to additional product sales.

I've seen it many times the past few years.   The AirX product line is actually a door opener to selling new accounts and growing total revenue.     


The AirX sales team is here to help you uncover these opportunities... and you may just increase your paper sales!



Bullen / AirX Regional Sales Manager

Sunday Sales Blast 3/4/18

12 Things Successful People Do On Friday Afternoons

How you end your work week will not only have a huge impact on how productive you are the following week but also may determine how relaxed you are over the weekend.

“Successful people tend to adhere to routines in general, so it’s no surprise that the most successful people I know maintain a Friday afternoon routine,” says Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of “The Humor Advantage.”

Here are 12 things successful people typically do on a Friday afternoon:

1. They reflect on their accomplishments from the week
It’s far too easy to wallow over what you didn’t accomplish, Kerr says. “Successful people tend to flip that around and remind themselves of just how much progress they did make, even if it’s only ‘small wins.'” 

2. They figure out their priorities for the following week
Successful people take time on Friday afternoon to reflect on their professional and personal lives and determine three to five major priorities they want to accomplish for each

3. They establish a schedule and to-do list for the following week
They don’t just prioritize; they plan, Vanderkam says. “If you assign each priority a deadline, things are likely to get done. You want to hit Monday morning knowing what you need to do, so you’re not wasting that time figuring this out.” Having a plan for Monday also results in a more relaxed weekend, she adds. “Your to-do list won’t be nagging at your brain for two days.”

5. They get organized
“Many successful people I know take 15 to 30 minutes every Friday afternoon to clean out and organize their email files and to clean and organize their office, so that they know they are returning to a fresh, organized start the following week,” Kerr says. 

10. They plan a fun Friday activity
Some successful people have a fun ritual that helps them create a definitive divide between their workweek and weekend. “It may be an afternoon cocktail with a group of friends, an hour of volunteer work, or a regularly scheduled gym workout or game of tennis,” Kerr explains. “What’s key is that it be something they look forward to, so they view it as a reward for reaching the end of the week, and that it’s something that gives them a complete mental shift.”

I have been doing this on Sunday afternoon but I like the idea of getting it done on Fridayso I can unwind for the rest of the week.

For all 12 here is the link:

Floor Care Season is Here!
Spring is coming, are you gearing up to do some floor care demo's? Ask Bullen how we can help you secure lucrative, repeat floor business year after year with a little effort up front.

Email us at and get our floor care demo checklist and the steps to a successful rollout of a new product with your customers.

Have a great day and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden

Sunday Sales Blast 2/25/18

7 Real-Life Business Lessons You Can Learn From Billionaires

The “three-comma club” consists of those in industry, art and commerce who have achieved the exclusive honor of reaching a net worth of more than one billion dollars. From Rockefeller to Gates, members of the club include people who have truly altered the world. To achieve this level of success requires hard work, dedication and a little bit of luck.

Whether your goal is to make a billion dollars or bring clean water to a billion people, the techniques of how to envision and achieve goals can be used by anyone. Here are 7 of those techniques, straight from the mouths of billionaires.
1. Look failure in the eyes.
2. Insist on excellence.
3. Vision is key.
4. Health is important.

For the whole article and all 7 lessons-

German Olympians Drink a Lot of (Nonalcoholic)Beer,and Win a Lot of Gold Medals

This is perfect marketing for what people thought was just bad beer. How can you re-invent your brand? Bullen can help you with that.

When Simon Schempp, a biathlete on the German Olympic team, was training for the Pyeongchang Games, he often capped a hard day on the trail with a bottle of nonalcoholic beer. He enjoys the taste of beer like most Germans, who drink more of it per capita than the people of almost any other nation. But he drank the nonalcoholic variety for more than just the flavor.

“It’s a really good drink directly after training or after competition,” said Schempp, who won a silver medal in the 15-kilometer mass start event on Sunday.
Schempp’s sober assessment is popular in Germany. While most people see nonalcoholic beer as a responsible replacement for regular beer, Germans often drink it in place of sports drinks after exercise. Beer or Gatorade? No contest.

German beer companies originally marketed nonalcoholic beer as the “car driver’s beer” after it was invented in East Germany in 1973.

Scherr conducted a double-blind study which he gave runners in the 2009 Munich Marathon nonalcoholic beer every day for three weeks before and two weeks after the race. These runners suffered significantly less inflammation and fewer upper respiratory infections after the race than runners who had been given a placebo.
“This was pretty surprising to us,” said Scherr, who published the results in the peer-reviewed journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

Many breweries market their nonalcoholic beers explicitly as sports drinks. The Bavarian brewery Erdinger, for instance, calls its nonalcoholic wheat beer “the isotonic thirst quencher for athletes” and advertises it with the motto, “100% Performance. 100% Regeneration.” Heineken promotes its nonalcoholic beer Heineken 0.0 with lines like, “There is no limit to what the human body can achieve,”

Have a great day and a even better sales week!

Scott Jarden

Sunday Sales Blast 2/18/18

EPA Says Scott Pruitt Flies First Class Because Angry People Yell At Him Too Much....

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt frequently flies in first and business class because he’s regularly confronted by angry members of the public during his travels, according to a report in Politico on Thursday.

The EPA’s Office of Criminal Enforcement told Politico that Pruitt was “approached at the airport numerous times, to the point of profanities being yelled at him,” which spurred the expensive bookings.

“The team leader felt that he was being placed in a situation where he was unsafe on the flight,” Henry Barnet, the office’s director, told Politico. In one instance, someone approached Pruitt and yelled, “You’re _____ up the environment,” Barnet said.
Stay warm and have a great Sunday and an even better sales week! 

Don't talk politics when selling

The golden rule of sales is don't talk politics but I could not resist when I saw this justification for the use of taxpayers money. We deal a lot with EPA and I can tell you that there are a lot of things that need to be fixed.  The new budget could make things even worse. I would not be surprised to see the DfE Safer Choice program dropped altogether.

Do you listen to your customers?

What is the take away from this? If Mr. Priuitt was running the EPA like a business he should be open to meeting and hearing from his "customers", the public but no he wants to be insolated from them. If they are that passionate about what the EPA is doing maybe he should listen, wouldn't you if it was your business?

Good afternoon to watch golf again this week after the snow we got last night here in PA.

Have a great day and a even better sales week!

Scott Jarden

Sunday Sales Blast 2/11/18


Yes, they won!

I have been saying for as long as I can remember at the beginning of the football season that if the Eagles won the Super Bowl we would give all of the employees the day off (with pay) to attend the parade down Broad Street. Well, they won and Bullen was closed last Thursday. It has been spectacular to see how this milestone event has brought together millions of people in the Philly metro area.

Great marketing from the Super Bowl-

Philly, Philly as the Budlight ad says (Bud gave one free beer to all comers) Tackle Lane Johnson said that if the Eagles won the Super Bowl, he would buy. “I have a lot to prove to this city,” Johnson said. “I think if we have a few big years and make the playoffs if we win a Super Bowl, I’m giving out beer to everybody.” Bud Light’s social-media team stepped in to make good on the promise. 

My favorite commercials

With an average cost of $5,000,000 per minute, you would guess that all of the commercials would be good but I will point out two that I liked from a marketing view.

There have been a number of meta Super Bowl commercials over the years, poking fun of the most common tropes (talking babies, cute animals, sexy women) that we often see during the game’s ads. But none have done it as well as Tide, whose series of ads throughout this year’s matchup managed to be surprising and memorable, and made many people forget that people were poisoning themselves with the “Tide pod challenge.”

Tourism Australia:

Just as each Tide commercial began by tricking us into believing it was something else, Tourism Australia’s Dundee spot got viewers excited about a “Crocodile Dundee” sequel hitting theaters this summer. Danny McBride, playing the legendary character’s son, teams up with Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth to embark on an adventure across the beautiful country. “It’s 37,000 miles of pristine, beautiful beach, mate,” Hemsworth tells McBride. Wait, this seems off.

What can we learn from these two campaigns, think different and do something that will make people think and comment either to themselves or others about what they just saw or read and remember the message?
Here is the link to see these and other comments from the WSJ:

Congrats Eagles!

Stay warm and have a great Sunday and an even better sales week! 

Good afternoon to watch golf from Pebble Beach if you live in a part of the country that is cold.

Scott Jarden

Sunday Sales Blast 2/4/18

Steve Jobs Knew How to Write an Email. Here's How He Did It

The context.

In 2010, Jobs and Apple were preparing to release the iPad. A key feature would be the tablet's ability to function as an e-reader, similar to Amazon's Kindle (which had already been out for a few years). Of course, the more publishers willing to contribute books to Apple's iTunes store, the more appeal the iPad would hold.

Jobs proceeded to write an email to try to convince HC to join.

He uses the recipient's name.

This email is only a part of a larger thread that had begun at least two days earlier. There was no need for Jobs to address Murdoch by name. So, why did he?
Of course, we can't read Jobs's mind. But using a person's first name reestablishes connection and helps build trust. It says: Look, I know you. You know me. We're on the same side here.
Takeaway: I'm not suggesting you begin every email with the person's name, especially after correspondence has already begun. But if you're trying to make a point or reestablish a common ground, remember the famous words of Dale Carnegie:
"A person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language."

It's well-thought out.
I don't know how long Jobs took to compose this email, but we can assume it was more than a few minutes. It clearly explains his position, in simple, understandable terms.
"Heck, Amazon is selling these books at $9.99, and who knows, maybe they are right and we will fail even at $12.99," Jobs writes. "But we're willing to try at the prices we've proposed. We are not willing to try at higher prices because we are pretty sure we'll all fail."
This language is conversational, vulnerable, and paints the picture of Apple giving it their best shot, pursuing bias for action, and preparing to learn from any mistakes.

Ask yourself:
    •    Is it clear and logical? Fair and balanced?
    •    Is it easy to read? (Using numbers or bullets like Jobs did can help.)
    •    Am I sure I won't later regret something I've written here?
    •    Was I careful not to write too much?
Repeat the process a few times, until you can confidently answer yes to each question.

Let hope we continue to be the victorious underdogs at the Super Bowl tonight and win the big one!

Go Eagles!

Stay warm and have a great Sunday and an even better sales week! 

Scott Jarden

Sunday Sales Blast 1/28/17

Use These 5 Sales Questions To Close More Deals

These sales questions can help you unlock all the answers you need to navigate through your customer's journey to help you close deals faster

The worst error a salesperson can make is not asking buyers enough of the right questions.

Bad salespeople will monopolize the sales conversation by talking too much about their company and all their product's various features. But even decent salespeople can make the mistake of not probing deeply enough, and just accepting the first answer a prospective customer gives them.

#1. Why? Why? Why?
Your job as a salesperson is to try to find the answer to these questions by asking "why" enough times until you reach the root emotional problem that they're hoping you can solve.

Why would someone be interested in working with you, and what do they hope to gain from doing business with you?

#2. Why now?
Every salesperson knows that timing is crucial to whether or not you will win or lose a deal, but not asking your prospective customers the right questions leaves you blind to objections and roadblocks.

#3. Who will sign off on this?
If you don't ask the right questions, you might not even be talking to a decision maker.

To get all five and the rest of the details here is the link:

Let hope we continue to be the victorious underdogs at the Super Bowl tonight and win another one.

Go Eagles!

Stay warm and have a great Sunday and an even better sales week!

Scott Jarden



For those that read the whole SSB this week I was wrong, the Super Bowl is not tonight, it is next week. 

Let hope we continue to be the victorious underdogs at the Super Bowl  and win another one.


Sunday Sales Blast 1/21/17

Do we really need an Alexa-powered toilet?


Kitchen and bath products-maker Kohler thinks so, as well as a faucet and bathroom mirror and the list of Alexa-activated devices is even longer and weirder than that. How about an Alexa-powered dog collar or backyard umbrella?

Amazon was expected to get its voice-activated digital assistant into all manner of Internet-connected gadgets at CES 2018, the big annual technology trade show that wrapped up in Las Vegas last week. And it didn't disappoint. The list of new devices powered by Alexa rose to 4,000, from over 1,000 brands. Not to be outdone, Google made an unusual splash, showing off deals that put its Alexa rival, Google Assistant, in touchscreen displays and voice-activated commands in cars.

Technology fads often run hot then fizzle, and it's tempting to think that the Numi intelligent Wi-Fi-connected Kohler commode will fall into the realm of cool-but-little-used items that include smart forks and see-through washing machines

But in this race for the crown jewel of smart home control, Kohler’s toilet might just take the throne. You can ask it to heat up the seat, lift the lid, play your favorite tunes, and of course, flush. “Numi delivers hands-free control, personalized cleansing functionality,” reads the release, “that let users fine-tune every aspect of their experience to their exact preferences.”

The smart toilet starts at $5,625, while the fancier Numi Black will set you back $6,500. Both come out in the fourth quarter this year.;jsessionid=445AA6D08F3D284A0383F66494C5460F.kohler-prod1-ecom2?skuId=1334087&brandId=430036

5 Reasons Networking Is a Salesperson's Most Powerful Tool

The ability to network is key for sales success in a fast-paced working world

While a savvy salesperson may be able to achieve some short-term results without building these essential relationships, those who wish to lay the foundations for lasting success know they cannot achieve their goals without well-thought-out networking efforts.


In many ways, networking is nothing more than in-person advertising. It's a way of showing who you are and what you have to offer. Networking gives you a chance to get your name out and build a reputation for yourself. 


Another significant advantage of networking is that it gives sales professionals a chance to build a strong referral pipeline. Remember, true networking isn't focused on just helping yourself -- it's also about lending a helping hand to others.


Perhaps the most valuable aspect of networking is that it allows sales professionals to gain valuable insights about the needs of their clients. When you actually listen to someone, you have the chance to learn their story and understand the pain points that they need help resolving.

When I was president of the ISSA I used that time to network with as many people in our industry as I could. At meetings, social functions and online. Linkedin is a great tool for connecting and I now have over 1900 connections that I reach out to for new job openings at Bullen, new products intros and just to tap into other experts opinions. Connect with me and join my network on Linkedin.

For all five, here is the link:

Go Eagles!
Stay warm and have a great Sunday and an even better sales week!

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Sunday Sales Blast 1/14/17

Get ready, some medical experts are predicting the worst flu season in history

Medical experts are bracing for one of the worst flu seasons in history.
The main flu strain for 2017-18 is known as the H3N2 virus, and it is more deadly than the swine flu. The flu is now widespread in about 46 states, reports the CDC.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and other organizations are calling for the development of a universal vaccine.

Medical experts in the United States are worried that this year's flu season could be a nasty one that may be lethal.That is because this year's main flu strain, the influenza A virus, known as H3N2, is worse than the swine flu in 2009. To put it in perspective, back when the swine flu was making headlines it infected just 51,000 people in Australia. This year's H3N2 sickened over 215,000 and the illness has hit our shores. It's a situation that has led the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to do a collaborative study with global health partners in an effort to make addressing the situation a global priority.


Bullen has a pathogen control document that you can use to educate your customers on proper disinfectant procedures, email us if you want more info

For the full article about the flu here is the link:

Do you listen to Podcasts?
Back in 2004 Mark Warner our sales manager at the time and I started the first podcast for the cleaning industry. We produced over 100 shows, won the 2004 ISSA innovation award and had a great time doing it. The 100+ shows have been downloaded over 100,000 times and can still be listened to on iTunes or directly on

I haven’t done a podcast for a while but I listen to them all the time. When I am driving in the car, testing cleaning products or just laying around. Here a few of the ones that I would suggest you listen to help your business. If you do a google search using the name of the podcast you will be able to figure out the best way for you to listen.

NPR’s How I Built This With Guy Raz is all about dreams, innovators, idealists and entrepreneurs, of course. In each episode, Raz discusses well-known founders and their brands, and dissects the stories behind the movements they’ve created.

On the daily podcast So Money, host Farnoosh Torabi chats with business thought leaders about how they manage their finances. High-profile guests such as Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Arianna Huffington and Seth Godin have shared raw, personal money stories, as well as money-management tips and tricks.

Sometimes, a simple quote is all the inspiration you need to get through the day. But Quote of the Day host, entrepreneur and money expert Sean Croxton and his guests take it a step further. A brief audio clip follows the quote for maximum motivation, followed by anecdotes and advice for life coaches.      

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Sunday Sales Blast 1/7/17

11 Expert Tips To Make 2018 Your Most Productive Year Ever

Could eating cake for breakfast and never listening to your voicemail help you get more things done?

“It doesn’t literally have to be cake,” says Beyond the Headline podcast host Jenna Abdou, but “the point is to find a way to eat something that brings you joy in the morning.” Abdou believes this can double as a mindfulness exercise–and triple as a practice for cultivating gratitude–that in turn boosts your productivity.

Career strategist Adunola Adeshola kicks off her day by identifying her top one or two most pressing tasks. “Once I’ve scratched the most important thing off my to-do list, I immediately feel like I’ve conquered the day,” she says. “Sure, some days there are five to seven important things,” she admits, but starting by tackling something critical “helps me eliminate busy work and distractions so that I can end the day feeling accomplished.”

“I create a huge task list that seems impossible to finish and give myself a deadline to complete it,” says Airlink Marketing founder Arianna O’Dell. “Having an ‘impossible’ challenge to undertake spurs me into action and often lets me complete double what I would on a normal workday.” Even if you don’t work as well as O’Dell does under pressure, drawing up a comprehensive–or even overly ambitious–to-do list can help prime your brain for productivity.

Beth Comstock, vice chair of General Electric, follows the “five-minute rule” to stay productive: “If it’ll take you five minutes or less, just do it now,” she says. “Send that email, look over that spreadsheet, or walk over to your colleague’s desk and have a quick conversation. A small action now can keep you moving toward a big deadline.”

For all 11 here is the link:

Polar Vortex product needs

We don't push product on the Sunday Sales Blast very often but as I am writing this it is 9 degrees outside so I would be remiss if I didn't remind you of Winterinse and Liquid Ice Melt. Your customers need both of these products, now! Here is the link for more info:


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Sunday Sales Blast 12/31/17

10 Secrets to Creating a Master Calendar That Drives Your Productivity

Start off the New Year being a little more organized.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this. Scheduling is a mundane task I really don’t look forward to.

However, if I don’t schedule my time effectively, my mind will be scattered all over the place. That’s because having a schedule keeps me focused, organized and productive.

One of the best ways that I’ve been able to achieve this is by creating a master calendar for small business. This is simply one calendar that contains all of my most important dates, events, and tasks.


The first step you need to take when creating a master calendar is to write down all of your recurring tasks and activities. Since this is for your small business, focus on just those that are business-related. 


After you’ve jotted down your list of recurring dates and activities, it’s time to set aside specific blocks of time. Sometimes this is a straightforward. Since team meetings are usually 30 minutes long, then you now to block out from 3:00 to 3:30 every Tuesday afternoon.


Scheduling back-to-back meetings is just setting yourself up for failure. You need time between meetings to travel, recharge, prepare, eat a snack, or unwind. Most of the time a half an hour between meetings is enough of a buffer time.


What happens when a new idea, task, or event pops-up? Capture it ASAP by writing it down and then adding it to your calendar.

As David Allen explains in the iconic Getting Things Done, this will make sure that you won’t forget about it. More importantly, it frees your brain so that you’re not retaining too much information.

For the full list:

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Sunday Sales Blast 12/24/17


If you were adventurous enough to cut down your own pine tree for Christmas, you likely want it to last as long as possible. Your hard effort doesn’t have to go to waste as soon as December 25 rolls around – there are a few ways you can keep your pine looking fresh and healthy through the beginning of the New Year.
1. Trim the trunk
As soon as you get your tree home, make a fresh one-inch cut off the end of its trunk. By doing so, you’ll remove any dried-on resin that may be preventing the tree from absorbing as much water as possible.
2. Keep it away from heat
Try to place the tree away from radiators, fireplaces, and other sources of heat. Doing so may dry out your tree sooner than you would like.
3. Make sure it’s adequately watered
Ideally, the water level should always be above the base of the trunk. Again, this will prevent resin from drying up at the bottom of the tree and blocking it from absorbing water. The general rule of thumb is that the average tree absorbs a quarter of water for each inch of its diameter.
Many people swear by using additives in their tree’s water, such as baby aspirin or bleach. While there is little scientific proof that this works to keep trees fresh, there’s no harm in sticking with your family’s tradition!

Watch out for the flu, it is getting worse-


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Sunday Sales Blast 12/17/17

More than 200 passengers aboard Royal Caribbean ship stricken with stomach virus

About 220 passengers aboard a five-night Caribbean cruise, slated to return to Ft. Lauderdale Saturday morning, suffered from a gastro-intestinal illness over the past week, Royal Caribbean announced.
"Independence of the Seas is currently on a 5-night Caribbean cruise, which departed Port Everglades, Florida on December 11," Royal Caribbean said in a statement Friday to ABC News. "Over the week, 220 cases of gastro-intestinal illness were reported— representing 4.86 percent of the 5,547 guests and crew onboard

The Miami-based cruise line continued in its statement, "Those affected by the short-lived illness were treated by our ship’s doctors with over-the-counter medication, and we hope all our guests feel better quickly. Meanwhile, we’re taking steps like intensive sanitary procedures to minimize the risk of any further issues. The ship will also undergo special additional cleaning procedures before it departs on its next cruise."

The Centers for Disease Control's 2017 data shows that 10 cruise ships sailing to foreign ports had at least 3 percent of the passengers reported "diarrheal disease" symptom.

Seems like they have an issue, Chipolte lost half its stock value with similar issues.

More Bathroom news-

Trump loves showing off the White House bathrooms
When he isn’t watching four hours of television each day, President Donald Trump reportedly has a fondness for showing off the White House’s storied bathrooms.

In a New York Times article published on Saturday chronicling Trump’s often unusual habits, the newspaper reports that the former hotelier loves to pass time by taking his guests on tours of his residence, especially the restroom.
“He has an odd affinity for showing off bathrooms, including one he renovated near the Oval Office,” The Times reports.

This means that those who have embarked on Trump’s toilet tours have gotten a rare look inside the White House’s 35 bathrooms in what would undoubtedly be quite a lengthy excursion.
Although little is known about the water closets, a former White House staffer once called the men’s room by the Oval Office “pretty epic,” describing it as a “tiny bathroom with a small sink.” But he also noted that the people coming out of the bathroom were much more impressive than the toilet itself. 
He praised the bathroom on the ground floor of the residence near the library as his favorite, detailing its white marble floors and sinks that "radiated luxury."

Trump isn’t the first president reported to cherish his restrooms— Johnson was said to drag people into the water closet with him as he continued his conversations in a bid to intimidate them.
Millard Fillmore introduced the first flush toilet to the White House during his presidency from 1850-1853, but Franklin Pierce, who served from 1853-1857 was the first president to have a modern bathroom with running hot baths and showers.


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Sunday Sales Blast 12/10/17

China to get extreme toilet makeover to boost tourism

Thinking about visiting China but worried about how bad the toilets are?
You may be relieved, in more than one way, to hear that the country's leader is on your side.
President Xi Jinping, now a bathroom aficionado after frequent visits to inspect the facilities in rural homes, has announced he's doubling down on a campaign for a Chinese "toilet revolution" that he launched in 2015.
Voicing the concerns of many a wary traveler, the communist leader said clean toilets were the cornerstone of a civilized society and would help boost travel to China as well as improving the hygiene of the masses.

Toilet issues are crucial to tourism

China has opened about 68,000 improved bathrooms in tourist areas around the country since Xi began his campaign.
Good news for places in China that have long had a notorious reputation for appalling standards of public restroom hygiene.
Once deterring visitors with its doorless dry toilets, Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve in southwestern Sichuan province has just welcomed a series of new eco-toilets around the area.
"Toilet issues are not petty matters but an important aspect of satisfying the public's desire for a decent and healthy life," Jack Sim, founder of global sanitation campaigner the World Toilet Organization, tells CNN.

Sim, aka "Mr. Toilet," says a lack of clean facilities could harm China's tourism industry in the long run

"But the lack of clean toilets made tourism impossible to be promoted as the tour agencies always get bad reports and complaints after the tour -- as the stench, filth and terrible condition of many Chinese toilets horrified foreign visitors."

"In many cases, money is not the problem, but it is a mindset problem," says Bai.
"If we are able to make toilets fashionable, just like a cell phone, a TV, or a dream, we can change the toilet culture of China."

You have been hearing about the value of clean restrooms from us for years. Good to see that it is a focus of a whole country..


Flu season is now upon us and is supposed to be worse than last year. You should offer your customer a free review of their facility for flu and cold prevention. Contact your sales person to get a copy of our cold & flu prevention manual

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Sunday Sales Blast 12/3/17

What a difference a good bathroom #3

Even when traveling you can appreciate a nice bathroom. My mother had a say "never pass up a good bathroom, you never know what the next one will be like".

With that being said I got shots of a really nice bathroom on my trip. Not typical of where I was this week. Waterless urinal where there is plenty of water but I guess it was a style thing.


There’s a Christmas-Tree Shortage- get yours soon!

This Christmas, supplies of live trees are tight. Some Christmas tree lots are closing almost as soon as they open, citing a shortage of trees and presaging a potential national run on firs this weekend, traditionally the busiest of the tree-buying season.
Some suppliers blame extreme weather this past year. Some blame changes to agriculture, like small farmers in Oregon, the biggest tree-producing state, turning to grapes and cannabis instead.

But most growers blame the Great Recession.
It takes seven years to 10 years to grow a tree. Many farmers planted fewer seedlings or went out of business altogether in the years after the housing bust, when consumers pulled back spending.
At the same time, total acreage in production declined 30% between 2002 and 2012, according to the latest federal data available.

What product do you have that could be in short supply (ice melt products are ones to look out for)?

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