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Jancast #90 Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world.

“Extreme Cleanlinesss®”

In this week’s show, we focus on “Extreme Cleanlinesss®” and what that means, how if figures in the post covid era we seem to be moving into. The public is now more aware of what they think is clean and safe versus a year ago. That means as a business or places the public would go to as things open an educated public is going to expect a lot more than hand sanitizer at the door. In this week’s Jancast we give you an idea of what is required to achieve “Extreme Cleanlinesss®”.

Jancast #88 Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world. There is some hope for Covid Optimism.

In this week’s show, we talk about the tragic loss of 500,000 + lives in the USA due to Covid. There is some hope with what people are calling Covid Optimism versus Covid Fatigue. We dig deeper into Extreme Cleanliness® with detection tools and other ways of documenting processes and procedures. Learn the difference between Endemic, Outbreaks, Pandemics and Epidemics, and much more.


Jancast #87 Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world. Watch out for the zombie apocalypse!

In this week’s show, we discuss the new cleaning & disinfectant process that United Airlines is promoting with a “long-lasting, antimicrobial spray”. The only problem is the label for that product says- “Antimicrobial surface protectant against odor-causing bacteria {and} {discoloration} {or}{staining}”.

We also talk about how New Zealand has shut the whole country down due to 3 Cov-2 cases and the results of that level of quarantine in the past. To close we offer cleaning tip #3 and how to look out for the zombie apocalypse.

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Below is the list of the great topics we covered during the 2020 Virtual Trade Show.

Here is the link to the playlist, you can view and watch all of the segments or pick them by number- Click Here

#1: Germwashing, fact or fiction?
#2: Cleaning standards
#3: Perfect-02 & Mildew Undo
#4: LVT/LVP One Up Extends
#5: Hand soap
#6: Disinfection application
#7: View of post Covid
#8: LIVE Covid-19 weekly update
#9: Airx disinfectants
#10: Odor control in schools
#11: Airx 66 product feature
#12: eClean floor care
#13: Winter is coming: Truekleen winter products
#14: BYOB, private branding
#15: BIB – Versa-Pack
#16: CannaClean
#17: Education, training & certification
#18: Large area odor control
#19: Government regulations, OSHA & more
#20: Grease trap maintaining
#21: Concrete care
#22: Carpet care, encapsulation
#23: Mastering virtual communication
#24: Virtual show round up

Covid-19 update from the BBS

In the 11/12/20 Covid-19 update video, we tease about our VTS (virtual trade show) and the Covid-19 related items.

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Bullen Live Steaming links

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Bullen Broadcast Studio

For the last month or two, we have been passing on suggestions on how to do things differently in sales and communication with your customers in Covid-19 times. Bullen built an in-house training center a few years ago when we repaired the damage caused by a major fire. We used it extensively over the years but in these Covid times and with social distancing being required we decided to use technology to better communicate with our employees, customer, and end-users. With that in mind, we purchased the equipment we need to construct a state of the art streaming studio – The BBS, Bullen Broadcasting Studios

We used the BBS to stream the Bullen Virtual Trade Show (VTS) and in the future for product training, outreach to the customers, end-user education, and certification.