Jancast # 113 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world

The year is almost over with only two Jancasts left in December. In this episode, we recap the discussion we had in Jancast # 112 about electrostatic sprayers and the feedback we have gotten. We discuss last week’s ISSA show in Las Vegas, GBAC changes, and next year’s show in Chicago.

After that, we get into Omicron, how to say it and what it means. The news is changing rapidly on how bad this variant will be versus the Delta.

Studies have found that pets and other animals carry CO-V2 so be careful when you are out hunting or kissing your pets.

We close with the news that EPA extended the EVP policy (Emerging Viral Pathogen Program) that we know as the “N” list.

Jancast # 112 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world

In this very special show, we discuss two recent studies on the use of Electrostatic Sprayers (ESS). For years, Bullen has been talking about whether Electrostatic Sprayers will actually do what many manufacturers say they will do. Many claim that electrostatic sprayers carry a charge that allows the spray to wrap around an object. A study funded by the EPA called ““Evaluation of electrostatic sprayers and foggers for the application of disinfectants in the era of SARS-CoV-2” and another from the American Journal of Infection Control bring some clarity by publishing the actual results from their testing. Both studies are very critical of the processes and the functionality of ESS. Given this information, it really makes us question why anyone would want to use a more expensive spray system that appears to not do what their marketing claims for these units.

Here are the links for the studies-

American Journal of Infection Control

To learn more about Bullen’s spray systems here is the link:

Jancast # 111 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world

This is our post-Halloween show with scary stuff like what we did for costumes, trick or treating, and new supply chain issues.

Tributoxyethyl Phosphate, or TBEP, which is used in most floor finishes is now in short supply and also increasing the cost of the finished products. This is not just a Bullen problem but most manufacturers will have the same issue (but you heard about it here first). We also discuss the new Leeds approved list of ingredients for formulating disinfectants that would gain points for facilities using these products. We also go back and talk about all of the nasty pathogen control products from the past.

Jancast # 110 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world

This week’s show was recorded from the BBS (Bullen Broadcasting Studio). Stay tuned for more info on our live streaming show starting next month.

On this Jancast we talk about the ripple effect of the pandemic started as supply chain disruptions, workforce shortages, and other issues getting better.  What happens when all of those containers on the water get behind trucks?

We also cover the new Leeds requirement info that products like our CitroRx will be able to be counted as part of the calculations for points in a facility. we finish with the recognition by the NIH that floors surfaces should be considered as part of proper pathogen control procedures.

Jancast # 109 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world

On this week’s show, we talk about the impact of further backup of container ships on the west coast the east coast, and also in China. Costco is now buying its own container ships to get around the backlog but again rationing toilet paper. Captain Kirk is riding the Amazon Blue Horizon spaceship next week and maybe delivering toilet paper next. We touch on a news article that says a company is developing seat covers with built-in pathogen control for up to a year, haven’t we heard about that already? We close with Marks’s upcoming CMI Supervisor & Management Bootcamp training. We will cover training as a sustainable resource in future shows. Here is the link for the Boot Camp Training we discussed-

 Jancast # 108 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world

On this week’s show, we talk about the impact of further backup of container ships on the west coast. We have not even seen the worst of it. Toilet paper is a hot item again.

More companies put in place mandatory vaccine policies (like Bullen) including large contract cleaners. Shout out to Amy W. Richardson from ISSA, for her coverage with Mark Warner concerning cleaning workers’ health and also Brant Inserno, also from the ISSA on Extreme Cleanliness®. We finish with a blatant plug for CitroRx, our new botanical disinfectant cleaner and odor counteract.

We finish with a recap of the company we discuss on our last Jancast that is selling a year-long residual disinfectant service and product. Check out who they are – https://www.germwashing.com

Here are the links to Amy and Brants articles that Mark Warner contributed to.

Jancast # 107 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world

This week’s show is all about the supply chain, from the flooding in Louisiana, disruption of gasoline production, FEMA paying more for trucking, and container ships stuck off of the port of Long Beach. We also discuss a company that is pushing one year of residual pathogen claims (you would have thought this would have stopped a year ago).

Jancast # 106 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world

This week we talk about where we have been and where things are going now that the vaccine has been FDA approved.

Remember when…

  1. Cleaning was just about appearances
  2. Measurement of cleanliness was left to the eye of the beholder
  3. People didn’t even know that there are many different kinds of disinfectants
  4. People didn’t even know the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting
  5. People didn’t even know what dwell time was
  6. Wide area pressurized spraying was a new and novel idea
  7. Disinfecting once a day was considered “aggressive” task frequency
    All of that and much more.

Jancast # 105 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world

In this week’s show, we talk about mark Warner’s appearance on Jeff Cross’s “ISSA Show Seminar Sneak Peek” and his seminar on Extreme Cleanliness at the coming ISSA show and what that term means. We go deep into why Bullen and others are now putting in a mandatory vaccination policy. After 2.5 billion vaccinations is it safe? Do you really need any more than all of that news?

To watch the Jeff Cross interview with Mark Warner click here

Jancast # 104 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world

In this fact-filled show, we give you a supply chain update and talk a lot about training for cleaning professionals. Mark Warner just finished last week a training session in Baltimore for the ISSA CMI Supervisor Bootcamp. Then we jump into the brand new revised ” ISSA Value of Clean Program”. We finish up with a recap of our new botanical disinfectant, CitroRx and why it is the right product for these times.

Here is the link to the ISSA Value of Clean info- https://www.issa.com/member-benefits/value-of-clean

Jancast # 103 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world

With our new bi-weekly schedule we are able to research our topics and information in more detail while still keeping the length of the episode at less than 20-30 minutes. This week we cover how they are handling things at the coming Olympics in Japan and why won’t FDA recommend non-alcohol hand sanitizers like our RX200. We also delve into the big players in the cleaning supply business, Clorox is down and Lysol is flat. Our Looming Pathogen of the Month is Candida Auris, a threat in hospitals and long-term care facilities and can infect the bloodstream with a 30-60% mortality rate. Are you or your customers having trouble finding employees? ISSA is sponsoring the Supervisor & Management Boot Camp, with our own Mark Warner as one of the trainers. (see the links below) All of that and even more.

Here are some of the links we talked about in Jancast #103

Supervisor & Management Bootcamp

The supervisor and management professional has never been more important to the success, or failure, of an organization and a healthy indoor environment. With increased regulations and cost-cutting demands of many firms, it has become essential for supervisor and managers to incorporate valuable business skills into their day-to-day activities.

ISSA Advocacy July Webinar Series: Part Three


Jancast # 102 –  Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world.

We are back with new supply chain issues related to raw materials and trucking, in-person & VR training in the future, the RSV virus may be a big problem this fall, and our new CitroRX Botanical Disinfectant will kill it.

Click here for early info on our new product – CitroRX

Jancast # 101 –  Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world.

We are back from a break after our historic Jancast # 100!

In this week’s show, we discuss all things Post Covid as businesses start to open up. Should you wear a color armband to indicate you are open to a hug, elbow bump, or just stay away from me. Mark Warner talks about the increased requests for Extreme Cleanliness® audits to benchmark current status and future improvements, Do not say “the new normal” but moving towards “normalcy”. All of that plus much more!

Click the image to view the episode

Jancast # 100! –  Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world.

Sixteen years later and we are doing Jancast show #100! Mark Warner and I play some clips from past shows and it becomes pretty clear that we were ahead of our time with pathogen control, use of technology, and much more. Listen and watch this great recap of Jancast since the start in 2005.

Jancast # 99 –  Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world.

Mark Warner is back from his travels and training and tells us what is going on out in the world. We cover all of the price increases we are seeing and supply chain issues. We end with a discussion about vaccines and masks. We refer to an update on www.germwashing.com and Vaccine Skepticism.

Click the image to view

Click here to read about Vaccine Skepticism on germwashing.com

Jancast # 2/98  (from Oct. 2004)

Mark Warner, my Jancast co-host, is on the road again so we have posted  a replay of Jancast #2 from October 13th, 2004. This is where it all started. We went on to win the ISSA 2005 Innovation Award for Jancast.com. This show is 100% audio, Youtube had just started this year and there were not any streaming services. Remember that there was not easy access to high-speed internet and the iPhone was not introduced until 2007. Jancast was the first podcast for the cleaning industry. Enjoy this step back in time.

Click the player to listen

We somehow have lost Jancast #1.

Jancast #97 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world.

The week of days…

Lots of special days this week with Cinco de Mayo, National Beverage Day, National Nurses Day, and World Hand Hygiene Day.

The SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands global campaign, launched in 2009 and celebrated annually on 5 May (World Hand Hygiene Day) aims to maintain global promotion, visibility, and sustainability of hand hygiene in health care and to ‘bring people together in support of hand hygiene improvement around the world

All of that and what does Corona beer have to do with some of those celebrations?

Here is the video we talked about that has had over 30,000 views

Jancast #96 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world.

How to know if your carpet needs to be cleaned.
In this week’s show, we talk about supply chain issues with floor finish and strippers, new Covid variants, and vaccines.

We do a deep dive on the Extreme Cleanliness audit process and the use of the digital microscope to see when it is time to clean your carpet.

Jancast #95 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world.

Earth Day is 51 years old today!

What is with the new CDC recommendations for disinfectants and does it change the proper procedures we have been discussing for the last year? We also have a visitor from Earth Day 2014 who talks about Sanaverde, the precursor to the E-Clean floor care line.

Here is the link to the ISSA statement about the new CDC guidelines:

Jancast #93 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world.

You will never guess what the new allocation is!

I am flying solo this week while Mark is out in the wild doing his first in-person training since Covid. I cover the 15% increase in the use of Catsup or Ketchup, new CDC recommendations on electrostatic sprayers, and all of the new price increases coming.

Here is the link I talked about in the podcast on the new CDC guidelines-


Jancast #92 Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world.

Allocations are really here again

Seems like we just went through this already but allocations are back. As a result of the Texas freeze and disruptions of the supply change due to plants not being properly shut down, key raw materials for floor finish and floor strippers are in short supply. We also demo how to use a moisture meter to locate spots.

Jancast #91 Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world.

Are Allocation Back?

In this week’s show, we discuss the new supply chain issues caused by the freezing weather in Texas a few weeks ago. It seems that not only were the power plants shut down, so were some major chemical plants. The bad news is some of those facilities make key ingredients in conventional floor finish and floor finish strippers. We talk about what your alternatives are instead of strip and re-coats.


Jancast #90 Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world.

Extreme Cleanlinesss®

In this week’s show, we focus on “Extreme Cleanlinesss®” and what that means, how if figures in the post covid era we seem to be moving into. The public is now more aware of what they think is clean and safe versus a year ago. That means as a business or places the public would go to as things open an educated public is going to expect a lot more than hand sanitizer at the door. In this week’s Jancast we give you an idea of what is required to achieve “Extreme Cleanlinesss®”

Jancast #89 Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world.

One year after WHO Declares COVID-19 a Pandemic, where are we now?

In this week’s show, we discuss what has changed since a year ago. What is the difference between the flu and Covid and have you gotten your vaccine shot yet? Now that hiring is increasing and restrictions are being loosened are you ready for the business that will follow?… and much more

Jancast #88 Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world. There is some hope for Covid Optimism.

In this week’s show, we talk about the tragic loss of 500,000 + lives in the USA due to Covid. There is some hope with what people are calling Covid Optimism versus Covid Fatigue. We dig deeper into Extreme Cleanliness® with detection tools and other ways of documenting processes and procedures. Learn the difference between Endemic, Outbreaks, Pandemics and Epidemics, and much more.

Click the screenshot above to watch the video and get all of the details.

Jancast #87 Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world. Watch out for the zombie apocalypse!

In this week’s show, we discuss the new cleaning & disinfectant process that United Airlines is promoting with a “long-lasting, antimicrobial spray”. The only problem is the label for that product says- “Antimicrobial surface protectant against odor-causing bacteria {and} {discoloration} {or}{staining}”.

We also talk about how New Zealand has shut the whole country down due to 3 Cov-2 cases and the results of that level of quarantine in the past. To close we offer cleaning tip #3 and how to look out for the zombie apocalypse.

Here is the link to the zombie info- Click Here

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In 2014 we started Jancast.com, Road Edition. This is a variation on the original concept of jancast.com utilizes video and the ability to stream content from the web. When we started it was nearly impossible to do video because of cost and band width issues. Now we can shoot, edit and upload videos right from our phones if we want to. The Road edition marries the old with the new. We travel to the site of the show and interview the guest in a Airstream trailer we are calling “Globey”. This allows for us to visit with the guest but also get them out of their office into ours. Below are the streaming versions of all of the Road Editions, enjoy and watch out we maybe coming to you next!

Published Dec. 23rd, 2018

In this edition of Jancast road edition # 86 we talk with Frank Necela the founder of Zing International about his company and his ground breaking product, “Only One”.

Published Feb 5th, 2015
In this road edition of Jancast.com we talk to Richard Rones of Americo Manufacturing about the process of making and selling floor pads, mats and other products in todays changing market. Richard talks about the development of their “green” floor pad technology and his run for president of the ISSA. For more information on Americo go to www.americomfg.com

Published on Nov 4, 2014

In todays Jancast we visit John Blankenship at Hyman Paper in Darlington, SC. To watch and listen to past Jancast’s go to www.jancast.com

Published on Nov 2, 2014

In this Jancast we talk with Paul Rutherford at Rutherford Supply. We discuss the third generation business and how they compete against the big box players.

Published on Sep 28, 2014

In this Jancast I interview my Dad, Richards H. Jarden about Bullen history the Airx and Clausen brands. Filmed from the new Bullen roving studio, “Globey”. Look for future videos from the road soon

Published Oct, 2015

Great talk with Mark Warner, my co-host of the original Jancast shows from Americhem International. Mark and I talk about what he has been doing since the last show with Americhem and ISSA. Mark shares how Americhem is dealing with the changes in the JanSan industry and how to differentiate yourself from the online and big box stores that are doing into the industry.

This was my introduction to the Road Edition from Oct 2014