Q: How can I do business with Bullen?

A: Bullen sells through distribution and not direct to the end user. To do business with Bullen you will need a resale tax ID number and a physical location. email sales@bulleonline.com to be emailed new account forms.

Q: What are the minimums for private branding?

A: That depends on the product. If it is a existing Bullen brand product it is pretty simple:
4 ounce: 24 cases packed 12 per case
8 ounce: 24 cases packed 12 per case
Pints: 20 cases packed 12 per case
Quarts: 20 cases packed 12 per case
Quarts: 10 cases packed 24 per case
Half gallon round or F-style 24 cases packed 4 per case
Gallons (round or F-style): 72 gallons packed either 4 per case
5 Gallon Pails: 24 each
2.5 gallon BIB (bag in a box): 48 packed each or 24 packed 2 per case

We also pack in 20, 35, and 55 gallon drums as well as 275 gallon totes.
All of the above included full color private brand labeling.

Custom formulation quantities vary depending on the chemical make up if the product. The same packaging MOQ listed above apply.


Q: How can I get a custom product made for my company or business?

A: Bullen specializes in making short run custom formulas. You can send us a wet sample of a existing compound, a list of attributes for the product or features that you want. We can take it from there.

Click here to email us about making a custom product for you.

Q: Can I buy your products online?

A: For customers that want to purchase single containers of Bullen brand products you can get them online at : www.cleanstuff.com or Amazon.com  By fulfilling the requests from these small single container end users, we see no direct conflict with our standard distributor partners who are not set up to handle these requests. Bullen has sold online through these select channels for over 4 years. 

Bullen’s core sales focus continues to be supporting our wholesale distributor channel partners who are targeting commercial, institutional, industrial, and educational end user business.

If you have any questions or concerns about our policy please fell free to contact your sales representative. If you would like information on locating a Bullen stocking distributor in your area email sales@bullenonline.com