From Dog Shampoo to Aircraft cleaner, Bullen creates thousands of unique brands and products for distributors just like you.


  • Reverse shrinking profit margins and stop selling the same brand as your competition.
  • Making your company stand out from others that just use redistribution.
  • Unique products designed to get you into more doors.
  • Improve market saturation with your own products.

Bullen has been an industry leader of specialty private brand chemicals for over 40 years. We’ve created seven in-house brands with hundreds of formulas to choose from. All designed to help your company create your own distinctive brand image.

Lets us create your brand on our unique packaging choices

Lets us create your brand on our unique packaging choices

The Bullen BYOB Competitive Advantage

  • Thousands of stock formulations and packaging options.
  • Reproduce popular national brand formulas.
  • Create custom formulas that solve real-world cleaning problems while earning huge profits.

Bullen has been helping distributors, entrepreneurs, even chefs be their own brand for decades. We have create new products, brands for their existing products, and complete cleaning systems that solve tough cleaning challengers. 

We break down our BYOB process into four components

  1. Problems - What are your current/future problems as a marketer or distributor of cleaning chemicals and systems?
  2. Solutions - Learn how we guide you through the process of creating your own chemical brand that offers tangible solutions to your marketing problems.
  3. Outcome - Re-allocating your sales and marketing resources to promote your own chemical brand, puts you in greater control of higher profit margins and brand loyalty. 
  4. Commitment - By making the commitment to BYOB, you are taking charge of establishing a sales culture that showcases the real value your company provides to the customer.