Private Branding

We created our own brand about branding (BYOB)

Brand management, label designs, logo creation

Half of Bullen’s business is our own brands and the other half is private branding. You can see what we do with our own branding on the Bullen brand page. Airx, e-clean, Road Off and the others are excellent examples of what we can do with unique package decoration and marketing.

Brand Creation

Your brand is more than just a logo on the top of a product package. It should be used for your letterhead, calling cards, truck decoration and much more. Some customers ask us to help them create their brand. We can do that in house and provide you with 20 plus options for a new corporate brand that will be your own to build. Our in-house art department can prepare a variety of photographic or full color format label designs. These can be modified to be used with your brand. If you have your own design we can format it to fit the packaging of your choice.

Brand check list:

  • Do you have a dedicated person in-house that handles marketing? If yes we need to talk to that person and get them involved in the private branding process from the start.
  • Do you have a target market that you sell to? This is important. A brand for the retail household market can be different than one for industrial or institutional products.
  • Do you have a brand or package design now that you would like us to use? If yes, can you supply us with digital versions of your logo or brand in the original application it was created with? (example: Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, etc.) If no, we will need to sit down with you in person or via online video conferencing to discuss your ideas, concepts, likes and dislikes.
  • After the brand concept creation is established we will need to know what package size it is going to be used on and what type of product. We can then prepare some package examples and marketing material to see how it would look and be used.
  • Do you currently have a website? If yes, is it hosted in house or do you outsource it? Are you able to update it internally? We can supply you with ready to place graphics, pdf files and the other content you will need.

For a more complete check list and to schedule an appointment with a Bullen brand and marketing person click here.

Custom Formulations

Bullen is known for the hundreds of branded products we produce but we are also suppliers to many businesses of specialty custom formulations. This list is a small portion of the thousands of compounds we have developed for our customers. These products are not commodities and were developed to solve a specific need. This list will give you a better idea of why we are called “Craft Blenders or Specialty Cleaning Products”.

To download a partial list of our special formulations click here

Packaging Options

Here are some of the package size options you can choose from.

2.5 gallon Bag in a Box- Versa-Pack

Bullen invested in alternative packaging to lessen our environmental impact years ago. Our 2.5 gallon Bag in a box is a perfect example of leading edge packaging and inventory reduction. The 2.5 gallon size allows you to carry one size or SKU instead of gallons and fives. The 2.5 gallon package can be shipped as a stand alone size or as a double to equal a five gallon pail. When put up as a 2-2.5’s they palletize out at 48 per pallet allowing more cases per pallet than 5 gallon pails.

NEW Versa Pack info sheet

F-Style gallons

Preferred for retail type packaging we offer this and round gallons. Our round gallons are able to be packed in either 4 or 6 per case.

Some of the stock sizes available:

  • 1-ounce with fingertip sprayer
  • 4-ounce sample size
  • 8-ounce with or without flip tops
  • 16-ounce cylinder, and PET
  • 32-ounce conventional rounds, squeeze and pour measure bottle
  • 64-ounce f-style and conventional rounds

Let us source out custom containers, and produce a custom formulation and a custom marketing program to give you a complete package to take to market.  To email us click here.

Get Started

For a more complete check list and to schedule an appointment with a Bullen brand and marketing person click here.