SSB 10/18/20: Back to Business #8, from the Chamber of Commerce


Back to business #8, from the Chamber of Commerce

Coronavirus Guide for Small Businesses

Communicate your plans clearly to employees and customers
“Communication is critical,” Hansen told CO—. “With so much uncertainty in the news and employees asking questions, we have been communicating even more. Holding short huddles every day with our teams to share anything new has really helped.”

Follow these tips to communicate with your business’s various stakeholders throughout the process: Employees: Explain details of the changes, new work practices and guidelines for health and safety.

Customers: Use multiple channels to ensure your message is widely received and reinforced.
Vendors/partners: If you plan to continue working together as your business reopens, let them know what (if anything) might need to change about your working relationship

BE READY to adapt to any obstacles
Anticipate and prepare for challenges. No matter how prepared you are, you may find that some elements of reopening your business are more difficult than you expected. You may need to change directions quickly and make swift decisions to overcome obstacles.

Shift your sales strategy to online
Chinese companies, forced to confront the reality of coronavirus shutdowns before most American companies, provide a blueprint for weathering this storm. As storefronts shuttered their doors and workers stayed in place, savvy business owners shifted their sales strategy to avoid heavy losses.

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This week we have created a playlist of all 28 of out Covid updates since the start of the pandemic.

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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