SSB 10/2/22: We all want a personalized consumer experience


We all want a Personalized Consumer Experience

A personalized consumer experience refers to any interaction, product or service that is specifically designed to meet the unique individual wants and needs of a shopper. There are many ways that this can take shape in practice, including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Using a customer’s real name in an email subject line
  • Reminder emails to prospects who haven’t cleared their cart or haven’t visited lately
  • Tailor-made discount codes that feature the prospect’s name
  • “Welcome back” messages on a website’s homepage
  • “Thank you” offers and deals to loyal, repeat customers
  • Remembering the customer’s facility size, the number of employees etc.
Jancast #132 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world

In Feb of 2021, on we reported on false and misleading claims being shared with customers of Southwest and United Airlines.  Hard to believe both United and Southwest were sold on the false claims that they then used to promote pathogen safety on their flights. Many products push the “spears and spikes” technology that somehow penetrates the cell wall of viruses and wipes them out. The problem is the only claim they have is against odor-causing bacteria. That firm was just fined over $300,000 by the EPA for pathogen claims way beyond odor-causing bacteria.

We also have a special guest, Jon Adkins, ISSA’s Senior Vice President, to discuss the campaign that was just introduced. Rethink What Clean Means, the cleaning industry’s first industry-wide marketing campaign to educate consumers and B2B decision-makers on what makes a space truly “clean.

Are you coming to the ISSA show in Chicago? We are at booth #1716

Scott Jarden

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