SSB 11/15/20: Practice what you preach


Practice what you preach, we bet the house!

We told you last week about our plans to host a three-day Virtual Sales Meeting Weds- Friday. We set up the trade show booth and purchased the needed tech to live stream from what we are now calling the Bullen Broadcast Studio (BBS). We used the BBS last week and we hoped everything was going to go as planned. We bet the house with an actual LIVE event and not just for one show, we did three whole days of broadcasting from 9am to 4pm.

and……..wait for it, it worked! Sure there a few blips but overall it was a huge success. Thanks to all of the Bullen staff, the sales team and the customers that we met with on Monday and Tuesday, and those that watched our live streams and the replays.

Get out of your comfort zone
Our point in this week’s SSB is if you want to get something new going in these difficult times you have to try stuff out of your comfort zone. Let us know what you think, we would love your feedback. You can watch the 20+ shows by going to our YouTube channel playlist by clicking the image below of our BBS (Bullen Broadcast Studio)

Great golf this Sunday with the late-season playing of the Masters.

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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